Feb 10th

    A royal blessing

    The young ‘Prince’ made it through the night. From the last post you’ll remember he was bought in so thin he was expected to die.

    Wrapped in a fetching day-glo body warmer and tucked in by Charlotte with a pink fleece last night he emerged this morning blinking into the sun. He is still deathly thin but his tail was spinning like a helicopter that has just shut off its engine.

    Despite being so weak Prince is incredibly good natured.

    Despite being so weak Prince is incredibly good natured.

    I never played the xylophone at school but this looks bad....simple neglect at the dog-pound left Prince with no hope. Does anyone want to sponsor his recovery?

    I never played the xylophone at school but this looks bad….simple neglect at the dog-pound left Prince with no hope. Does anyone want to sponsor his recovery and fattening up?

    The danger period is over and the chances are he’ll be OK. He’s just drunk a huge dose of compassion and it’s done wonders.

    A few days ago he was riddled with worms and parasites and had uncontrollable diarrhoea and the dog-pound said he would not eat.

    He’s now been treated and we fed him this morning (Charlotte made him a vast bowl of fresh stew with chicken). Watching him devour the meal felt more satisfying than any I’ve eaten myself. I want to sit here like a Jewish grandmother and fatten him up.


    Today one of the local kids did a drawing of the Galgos. This one is brilliant!

    Today one of the local kids did a drawing of the Galgos. This one is brilliant!


    Over the wall

    I took the dogs for walks today and looked over some fences as I did so. Almost everywhere animals are in chains – the neighbours have four dogs on long chains tied up 24hrs a day and tiny wooden huts for them to sleep in. None of the dogs can reach each other. The other neighbour has some sort of clucking partridges, each in the tiniest bell-shaped cages, barely able to move.

    what are these birds? Whatever they are that's a crappy home for them...

    what are these birds? Whatever they are that’s a crappy home for them…Spain is like this wherever you look

    Then there’s the old lady down the road with two sort-of pedigree’s, unkempt little white yippy dogs that look like they escaped from Paris Hilton’s handbag and then got lost in the forest.

    On all sides of Charlotte’s island of sanity are cruel waters of abuse. It’s not a poor area but people’s moral judgement is all at sea.  Animals are kept as tools or ,if they are lucky, commodities. There is no cultural or moral justification for this, none whatsoever.


    Anyone want to sponsor Prince?

    I’m very touched by the donations that have been coming in. Every single one has been given to Charlotte who’ll spend it on the Galgos in the next few days. Almost £100 came in today which is a vast sum for her. As soon as I get the paypal confirmation I hand over the cash.

    Thank you, thank you. It’s AMAZING to know that people care so much. Yipppeee!!

    Prince, resting

    Prince, resting

    I was talking today about trying to get Prince back on his feet. It will take six months or so.  He just needs some vet care and food and love. I’m wondering if anyone is interested in sponsoring him as Charlotte can’t afford to keep giving him her own food!

    If you are, then just drop a note below or email me on martin@yeartohelp.com. We’ll get this boy back up and running…

    I’m also thinking of selling some prints of the images you see on this site for a pretty cheap price, sent to your door – all the money I get from that will go directly to the dogs.

    Anyone like the idea? please let me know.








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    1. Great news…

    2. As a owner of four cats I am only able to donate a little bit to this cause. Hope others will follow.
      Great job Charlotte does there!

    3. thank you Martina!!

    4. we do auctions to raise money for the galgos, and Char is one of the shelters we help. One of your prints for our auction would be awesome..contact me in the future if you would like to donate a print for the galgos..Telma and GRIN Galgo Rescue International Rescue..friends of Char and the Del Rios..

    5. I would be more than delighted to offer a print in auction. Any money to help the Galgos would be incredible. Thank you. Please tell me what you need. Best Martin

    6. Martin, How much would I need to contribute each month to sponsor Prince. I have given up a couple of my ‘luxuaries’ that I pay for monthly in hopes that it will be enough to sponsor him. My funds are limited for this as I have two of my own greyhounds and my cat which keep the expenses coming in, but I would like to help it I can.

      Thank you for all that you do for the animals. We need more people like you and Charlotte in the world. Bless you both.

    7. HI Debbie

      thank you SO much for your incredibly touching comment on the blog.

      We need about another £300 for prince over the next 6 months to get Prince back to full fitness but please please don’t give a penny more than you can afford. Whatever you feel you can is immensely appreciated. Even a single £10 donation means the world. Even reading the blog and passing it on to others without any money is a wonderful gesture.

      Let your heart decide. I am touched by your comment either way. Please stay in touch and keep reading. I want to build up an army of readers so that together we can fight some of this horror together. Charlotte is our inspiration



    8. Hi, the partridges are kept as decoys. They’re separate and in tiny cages so that they’ll keep jumping and calling, thus attracting more birds.

    9. That sounds grim! thanks for info though…

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