Mar 1st
    The rescued podenco is very scared but safe at last.

    The rescued podenco is very scared but safe at last.

    The incredible team out near Sevilla have saved the dogs. HOORAY!!!

    THANK YOU to Olga and the team!

    I was just about to press ‘publish’ on a blog I was writing to tell you I’ve JUST booked tickets to go back to Spain and this message comes in!

    Incredible stuff. I’m so pleased.

    The podenco (small brown dog) has clearly got a very bad wound on his waist but no infection. He will be seen by the vet tomorrow and then kenneled. No doubt he is terrified. The galga has gone to the shelter for the night and seems OK.

    The wound on his waist looks bad but is not infected. Poor little sod..

    The wound on his waist looks bad but is not infected. Poor little guy.

    I shall update you on progress when I know more but for now we can breathe a sigh.

    In the meantime, as you know, I have promised to give funds to give these dogs a temporary shelter until they can be taken on by a proper home or long-term shelter. No one has any space at the moment as the situation with Galgos has been unprecedentedly bad.

    Please please consider donating (and mention you want to give the money for the new rescue dogs) so we can begin to rebuild the life of these dogs whose trust in us has been sorely damaged.

    The prints back in the studio are looking amazing. They were sent out today. Please buy more so we can support this Podenco and Galga!

    The prints back in the studio are looking amazing. They were sent out on friday.

    You can also buy prints by clicking here – since these pictures are of Charl’s dogs this money will go to her rescue dogs who also need funds desperately.

    Thank you, thank you.

    Oh, by the way, they’ve named the podenco ‘Martin’!  I’ve got to find it a new home now!

    READ MY BLOG ON SUNDAY: I’m going back to Spain early next week to do a complete photo project on Galgos and to go and meet Martin and the galga.

    Tune in to read what’s in store…


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    17 Responses to “DAY 166: THE DOGS HAVE BEEN SAVED!”

    1. A+++++ news!! Congratulations to Martin and ‘little’ Martin and to those wonderful rescue team members!!! Oh this is GOOD news indeed….very very well done!! *YES WE CAN*!!

    2. Best news of the week. Thank you x

    3. don’t thank me, it’s those ladies over there!

    4. I did a bit of a catch up with your posts, Martin, and I am thrilled beyond measure to read that ‘Martin’ and the galga were saved and are now being looked after. Wonderful effort on everyone’s part!

    5. thank you serena!

    6. Wowser!! Thats greyt news! Now off to look at your prints.

    7. yay!!!

    8. Will the Galga be looking for an adoptive home? Where Can I find out more about him/her? I am an experienced greyhound owner, living in the UK.

    9. Yes, we need all the help we can get. I’ll send you a direct email. Thanks, Martin

    10. Wow! Brilliant news Martin! Well done to angel Olga and Team!

    11. Martin, SO SO pleased that you will be heading back to Spain!!! There is just something there — something you “get” about the galgos and podencos that you translate to the world. I know you were meant to go on and help the wild animals, but I can’t help being so pleased you are going back to Spain. I think your photos can change and educate the world. Best of luck to you!!!

    12. thank you Shauna!

    13. OMG!!!!! That was such great news to wake up to this morning!! Fantastic work the ladies did and you Martin for all the publicity and the gorgeous prints!! I am thrilled to know the two are now safe!!! Will look forward to your new project in Spain!! Telma

    14. Yes, they did great Telma. Will report when I go back and know more

    15. Hey, if you behave q chance, you should check out Fundacion Benjamin MEHNERT outside of Seville between March 11-16. There will be nine of us volunteering from all over Europe and Canada. Some of us will be in Seville tomorrow through Friday, so one of us could probwbly take you there iw you wqnt.

      Also, there is q fundraiser for Ddevida on March 10 at 16:00-20:00 at the Minibar in Utrera outside of Seville. A cake sale in a bar! What could be better! Hope to give you the chance to see what’s going on with some of the other organizations.

    16. O.S. glad the Podenco and the galga are safe. Good work!

    17. My day has been made. I have been praying and prayers have been answered! Yeah!

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