• COMMENT: why am I not as brave as this woman?

    Oct 9th

    A little aside before I tell you what happened when I took Peanut and Poppy to the vets.

    Why I am I not as brave as this woman?

    I’m very impressed by this lady who slept for seven days in a small enclosure to highlight the issue of  puppy farms (where dogs are mass-bred in poor, cramped conditions to be sold on to pet shops and on the internet and to unsuspecting owners – which is more common than you think. Will write more on this later).

    Good for her!

    Linda Goodman is sleeping in a kennel for seven days

    Read the article on the BBC here

    I wish I was braver and could do a stunt like this.

    Maybe I could cut my leg off and sell it for cheap in a low-welfare supermarket. But truth be told I just don’t have the balls (actually that’s because I chopped them off to bring awareness to neutering issues)  .

    No, but in all seriousness, good on her. Total admiration. People like that are my heros, I really hope she made a difference..

    Could we not put David Blaine in a rabbit hatch for a while and suspend him over the Thames? For like… a few years?

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