Dec 24th

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    Today the little dog that Avis and me found turning little circles on the side of the highway at 5am has found a new life and home.

    There is a new Dawn – as Tony Blair once said before he attacked Iraq.

    Thank you to EVERYONE for reading this blog and supporting either with donations or your interest. It means so much. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD LIKE YOU THAT ACTUALLY GIVE A ****   (pardon my Hindi but this stuff gets to me)

    It’s been 100 days on this journey of compassion and what I’ve learnt so far is:


    1) That the suffering to animals is incomprehensibly large and so often caused by humans – but thankfully there are people out there that make a HUGE difference. It’s our job to support them.


    2) That there is little I have done truly on my own – whether it is driving around with Mad, helping Avis, working with Ira at AllDogs, helping Terry at WRAS…all my help has been in conjunction with others more able than myself.


    3) That compassion is not painful. That dropping your work and diving into the endless pain of animals does not lead to depression or anguish, but curiously makes one’s life feel that bit fuller


    Arghhh…this sounds a little like a crap sermon but I’m genuinely surprised by the regeneration I have felt since being able to touch other animals’ misery and where possible offer help. I’m doing what I can, its not much, and quite probably you can do more.

    Merry xmas from the dogs at the ARK

    Merry xmas from the dogs at the ARK

    If you have any money left after buying that Ferrari for christmas please consider donating a penny or two to any of the following amazing places I’ve worked with (just click on the links below and donate online). I hate to say it but the money will probably go further than on that crap woolly hat your dad won’t wear.


    Animal Rescue Kerala – helping dogs and other animals in South India

    East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Animal Service – as it says on the tin

    All Dogs Matter – rescuing and rehoming dogs in the UK

    (and if none of those appeal you can always donate to this blog by clicking here.)





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    4 Responses to “DAY 100: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THANK YOU”

    1. And a merry Christmas to you, Avis, Mad and all the animals. xxx (and not forgetting Ann, Moose and Bug!)

    2. Merry Christmas Martin & all your associated animal chums, glad you are feeling a little brighter 100 days in, keep up the good work am enjoying reading about your experiences…

    3. thanks Vicki, thanks for reading and supporting. Have a lovely NYE and see you soon I hope.

    4. I missed this post in time for Christmas so I will wish you and all the animal helpers there a Wonderful and Happy New Year!

      We definitely need more compassionate people in this world.

      I’ve taken note of the links and will add them to the ‘Animal Love’ page on my blog. I will also donate to ARK very soon.

      Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂

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