• Day 106: Last day in India

    Dec 30th
    Sunrise on Kovalam beach, Kerala, easy to forget there is so much suffering so close.

    Sunrise on Kovalam beach, Kerala, easy to forget there is so much suffering so close.

    My last day.

    I woke up at 6am and went to watch the sunrise on the beach.

    I had a vague intention to go to  meet the fishermen and try and persuade them to throw some of their catch back in the sea. Kind of ridiculous but I wanted to make up for the bird. Even more ridiculous when you think of it that way.

    In the end there were no fishermen and I had a pulsing migraine so I just sat and watched the sunrise feeling ill.

    Without prompting two stray dogs came and sat with me in silence. One pushed right up against my crossed knees and the other sat in front of me and admired the soft pink sky.


    For a moment we watched the waves come in.

    It was a perfect ending. I felt they had come to say ‘thank you for coming’ Hell, I even believed that they had been reading my blog.


    Admiring the sunset with me

    Admiring the sunset – surely a message from the dog gods??

    Just as I was slipping into a warm bath of frothy sentementality one of them stood up in front of me, bent forward to show me his white arse and started to dig a hole, spraying me with wet sand. I coulnd’t help but laugh.

    stop getting too sentimental Martin

    stop getting too sentimental Martin

    If the dog was telling me anything it was this:

    love us as much as you want but don’t forget we are still just dogs.

    And that message was just what I needed. I went home, slept off the migraine and packed my bags.

    Goodbye India. For now.


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    1. wonderful photos and a very fitting end to your stay in India. Best wishes for your future voyages on your year to help from all the team and all the four legged crowd at ARK xx

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