• Day 121: In which I get hitched and then fall in a ditch

    Jan 14th
    Ann and the dogs and I are in deepest Wales

    Ann and the dogs and I are in deepest Wales

    Some important news

    You may have noticed a drop-off in blog frequency over the last few weeks and I have a good reason.

    I wasn’t meant to tell you but I will.

    Last friday I got married.

    Ann and I had a very small wedding in Hackney with our closest friends and a fine meal afterwards.

    It was a low-key affair below the radar. Since Ann is American we are having a proper knees-up in the US later in the year with all the family. THAT’S when we want the world to know about it. But we had a small wedding here and I’ll whisper it online: we exchanged vows, the dogs met us outside the registry office and it was very, very lovely.

    I saved no animals I’m afraid.


    A honeymoon… with the dogs?

    Now we are on a small honey moon – I believe the ad executives call it a mini-moon – and we are in Wales, the dogs are  with us (on the bed as I write) and the weather is extremely cold.

    I’ve already dragged Ann out on a six hour walk along the Pembrokeshire coast in freezing muddy conditions and although I’m a steadfast romantic I am nevertheless keeping an eye out for ailing animals. You men will be impressed, you women will be appalled.  Ann is somewhat resigned to it but we are having a lovely time … I promise you.

    Dead sheep, wet feet, tired Ann….

    ‘Oh no, look at that, you should do something’  said Ann as we drove past a large wet field on our way to a relaxing lunch by the sea today..


    ‘Nothing, I shouldn’t have told you. Just keep driving’

    photo 2

    Sheep in field…does it need help?

    I knew what is was – I knew it. An animal in distress. Ann had realised her mistake but it was too late. I reversed down the road, swerved  into some long wet grass and got out. In the neighbouring field a sheep was lying face down by the fence the other side of a small river.

    ‘Can we just go on, it looks pretty dead.’ she said,  ‘this is our honeymoon’ she added quietly

    I took a running jump at the river, compassion spurring me on, leapt into the air and landed just short of the other side with one leg deep in the water. I climbed over the fence and jumped into the muddy field and inspected the sheep. Ann was right, totally dead, poor thing. But what was the cause? One of its eyes was completely missing.

    ‘Can we go now??’ called  Ann.

    ‘Of course!’ I said, realising my romantic error


    I climbed back over the fence and tried to leap over the river but having no run-up on this side I landed both feet deep in the wet mud banks. Ann watched me climb out like a war veteran from the trenches, black mud covering my lower legs.

    ‘I’m sorry…I’m just trying to help animals…’

    A tractor pulled up and was unable to pass the car so I got in the car and pressed my muddy clump down on the accelerator and drove further into the muddy grass.

    ‘Let’s go, Ann, I’m sorry’.

    Fifteen minutes later the wheels were still spinning in the mud. I had managed to slip the car deeper in the ditch and closer to the river.

    Eventually a tractor came past and I stopped it.

    ‘look I’m really sorry, I’m on my honeymoon, I’ve driven into this mud  and I was trying to help that sheep over there and…’

    The young driver looked at me non-plussed ‘The dead one?’


    He frowned at me. I wanted to say ‘Im really sorry but I’m from London’ but he probably figured that out already. He pulled us out by rope.

    photo 5

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    14 Responses to “Day 121: In which I get hitched and then fall in a ditch”

    1. Congratulations!!

    2. that’s wonderful!! …the story and your top secret news. love and happiness to you both xx

    3. thank you cynthia!

    4. congratulations to you both

    5. Congratulations. Your “kids”, the dogs look ecstatic in this photo!

    6. Bug looks like he’s dancing with excitement. : )

    7. thank you for all your kind words!

    8. Congratulations!

      And for a 6 hour walk in Pembrokeshire in THIS weather! As I come from Pembrokeshire I’m very impressed! My father used to breed birds (started off with small birds and then moved on to macaws, african greys, amazons) which eventually flew freely around our house and town. My mother used to drive him around to find dandelions to pick for the seeds for a supplement to the smaller birds’ food. One day Dad vaulted over a gate straight in to a load of mud and cow dung to knee level. He didn’t stop there though, he carried on collecting a sack of dandelion heads and then cheerily tried to get back in the car smelling none too fragrant. Mum insisted he’d either have to walk home or lose the trousers. Your post reminded me of this, though my father should have known better as a local not to leap over gates without checking first!

    9. thanks for the note Rachael – sounds wonderful, those birds flying around the house. Pembrokeshire was truly beautiful except the next day the car broke down for good and we were stuck. Now I am back it seems we just missed the wild snow – are you badly affected out there?

    10. i think that certain parts of Pembrokeshire are affected more than others (weather in Pembrokeshire is always a mystery!) although the country roads are probably quite difficult to negotiate. I’m in London right now and looking through the window I could be anywhere in the world – snow has a knack of making the world universal. I know that if I go to the end of our road the mystery will be gone, the main road all slushy. In the country life goes on hold a little when it snows.

    11. Congratulations on your wedding, Martin and Ann!! 🙂


    13. Congratulations on getting married. Interesting selection of photographs.

    14. thank you!

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