Jan 18th
    Stop looking at me like that Bug...I'll get back to helping animals right away

    Stop looking at me like that Bug…I’ll get back to helping animals right away


    Get your arse in gear martin.

    I’m drinking organic hot chocolate in front of my iMac and watching birds outside my window feed on the seeds I put out for them. How gloriously kind I am! This morning I wiped the fresh snow of Bug’s beard.

    OK, so I’m back from my honeymoon in Wales (where we missed a snow storm by days – imagine how romantic if we had frozen to death together) and I’m drastically aware  that I should be OUT THERE HELPING.

    My cacoon of middleclass comfort is so enveloping that I’ll soon find myself in a flotation tank in Chelsea listening to the sounds of whales mating.

    I need to get out there – roll around in the dust, bruise myself on some rocks, strip naked and run through the bushes making grunting noises. Or maybe I shoudl just do something helpful.

    Too middleclass ? But these birds are cold!

    feeding birds in the garden. Too middleclass/aged ? But these birds are cold!


    Mad, my Indian friend from India just wrote to say he has started his own rescue organisation with two other guys who together saved 10,000 animals last year. So far they have saved some dogs, fish and even two humans. One from a road accident and another small boy from drowning. His Indian SAS training and jungle survival skills are proving more valuable to the world than my vague brand of sympathy and intellectual enquiry.  Shit…I need to get a move on.

    Get moving!! Bug and moose enjoy the snow.

    Get moving!! Bug and moose enjoy the snow. My wife (omg its true!!) is behind them.



    Tomorrow…my list of ideas I’ve put together for rescuing wild animals. I’ll need your feedback please!!



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    1. Fantastic photo! So happy!

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