Jan 27th



    After many weeks we have finally announced the winners of the competition to find Britain’s Cutest Staffy. Above are the cutest staffies in the UK…according to this poll at least.

    Phew, what an effort.

    Thank you SO much to the wonderful Peter Egan, the Barking Blondes on BBC radio, Marc the Vet and OF COURSE All Dogs Matter as well as other sponsors.

    I can safely say that running your own online competition is NOT the easiest way to help animals OR raise funds although I’m glad we did this. It’s helped in its own small way.

    The idea, if you remember, was to try and promote this breed for what they are: naturally friendly, adorable dogs rather than tough fighting animals. These dogs suffer as a result of their unfair reputation as ‘status’ dogs – they are often raised by people who have little awareness of their needs or overbred by those who want a quick buck and as a result they are later abandoned or neglected or used for fighting. Of course this does not happen to all staffies, just some, but the result is that many dogs homes, Battersea included, are over run with Staffies (and other ‘bull breeds’ similar to them).



    My Bright idea wasn’t so easy to make happen.

    So my bright idea was to create a competition to do a little PR work changing these dogs’ image. The only thing is I’m fairly crap at my OWN PR. I didn’t do well getting this website out to an awful lot of press I spent a bloody age trying to make the website work whilst in the end I got people uploading pictures of themselves naked. I guess any competition might be the same behind the scenes.

    While I did raise some money (total to be confirmed) and we had over 500 entries (OK, 200 if you take out the naked men pictures) and we HAVE got some seriously cute dogs it’s pretty clear that this is NOT the way an individual should help dogs. Much better they go and stroke a pooch in the park. Much better they volunteer at a place like ARK in india. Much better they give money to a charity.

    Nevertheless I’ll never look at a Staffie the same way again. They ARE beautiful dogs. But they can get into the wrong hands for the wrong reasons.


    Another trip coming very soon

    PS…I’ve got another dog mission coming up very soon before I go off to help wild animals further afield. I’m off to Spain…to be announced.

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