• DAY 144: I’M ON (erherm…local) ITV NEWS!!

    Feb 4th
    Do you know this man? No...no-one does because very few people were watching....

    Do you know this man? No…no-one does because very few people were watching….

    At last – my face all over the (dorset local midday) news!!

    Check me out a 0:47 secs – how does my hair look?

    Click here to see me star on Meridian ITV news

    Not sure how many people saw it.

    Unfortunately over the last few days more dead birds have been found. A few extra birds were saved over the weekend but not many – it’s been too long for them to survive out at sea without food, warmth or the ability to fly.  Very sad.

    But on a positive note I also got my left hand on to a BBC clip the same day. It wavered into shot when they were interviewing someone else more important. This is all positive encouragement.



    Needless to say I’ve been getting many letters of support.





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    3 Responses to “DAY 144: I’M ON (erherm…local) ITV NEWS!!”

    1. Loved the clip! Well done, Martin! So sad about the birds though. 🙁 Keep up the good work. I couldn’t help but laugh at your illustration. You have a great sense of humour. 🙂

    2. is that a new rab jacket martin? i might have to pick up one of those!! good work mate.

    3. you keep saying that!!! Old one mate…keep up with the Rab collection…

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