Feb 9th
    Charlotte and friend taking Ebro to the vets for his operation

    Charlotte and friend taking Ebro to the vets shortly after he was picked up.

    Ebro and Jade: Hope and Despair.

    Ebro and Jade are two symbols of the Galgo story. One hopeful, one sad.

    Both were found by the side of the road with similar injuries. Their front legs had the bones sticking clean out from breaks. Ebro was skeletal thin, covered in dirt and fleas, had a crushed hip and a collapsed lung and Jade was not much better.

    ‘They should have died, I don’t know why we took them in.’ Charlotte says ‘We didn’t have the money to save them or pay for the operations but when I saw their state I had to help first and worry later’

    Her words could have come from Harry – act from the heart, stop planning so much.

    ‘What on earth happened to them?’ I asked.

    ‘It could have been a road accident but the vet was suspicious of the fact they had very similar injuries. It’s likely they were tied to a tree and then run-over and released’

    I was dumbfounded.

    ‘Why…. would someone … I don’t understand’

    ‘If a hunter thinks a dog has performed badly, this is the punishment. That or hanging or being thrown down a well. If they have broken legs they can’t run back home’

    Ebro with after his leg repair

    Ebro with after his leg repair

    After being rescued and operated on Jade succumbed to her injuries.  Charlotte was, for a while, broken.

    Jade is a symbol of the tragedy of the Galgos.

    Ebra on the other hand survived.

    After numerous operations his legs were stitched back together to the point where he now lies motionless with mecano strapping in a small enclosed space not far from the fireside in Charlotte’s main room. More operations are needed but Charlotte’s endless hope means he is recovering slowly.

    Charlotte with Jade just after she'd died.

    Charlotte with Jade just after she’d died.


    And her example of acting first and worrying later paid off. After Charlotte put his photo online a Danish women named Marianne (who happens to be on a visit right now) set up a facebook page for him and money came pouring in from well-wishers around the world.

    Ebro, then,  is a symbol of the hope of the Galgo.

    He is an example of how the actions of people like Charlotte, and those that support her, can overcome the actions of people like the hunters – however dispicable.


    So there we have it: extreme misery and extreme hope. You may not have heard of the Galgos’ story but their’s is a battle for survival as grand and vicious as any.

    Charlotte’s dream is to build a small educational centre for local kids so they can get to know these dogs. ‘If the kids come they’ll be able to touch and stroke the Galgos, to understand how gentle they are. If you can show the kids whn they are young…then we may have more hope still.’

    What am I doing here at the moment? I’m currently feeding dogs, walking them, cleaning up poop, helping Charlotte and taking pictures. It’s nothing dramatic but I feel for a moment like standing in the wings and clapping while she takes centre stage.

    I’ve have some plans to raise some cash for her and the dogs shortly (keep reading) and I’m going to head out to some more wild parts of Spain to see if I can track down some abandoned Galgos. But  needless to say if in the meantime any money comes in from you readers while I’m here (hit donate) then it will ALL go to her and her dogs.

    I’m seriously moved.

    Tomorrow I’ll tell you a little more about the politics and culture behind the Galgo situation and exactly HOW this can happen.


    Despite his injuries Ebro will roll on his back to accept affection - which Charlotte readily gives.

    Despite his injuries Ebro will roll on his back to accept affection – which Charlotte readily gives.


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    8 Responses to “DAY 149: EBRO AND JADE”

    1. what a lovely story, these dogs are so gentle, you are right , they should be angry but they are so grateful, and well behaved. well done martin for highlighting this.

    2. thanks for reading Jacqueline

    3. These are such loyal intelligent dogs who are ‘rewarded’ by their owners with horrendous brutality – these people are despicable! I was aware of some of horrendous things that happen to these wonderful dogs, but seeing your photos makes it all the more shocking. Well done Martin- and of all credit to Charlotte and her family!

    4. thank you Odette, her work is incredible but no more valuable than what Avis does out in India. Please let me know the latest by personal email.thanks, M

    5. OMG! I wish I could hug Charlotte right now! What a good soul she is/has!
      Thank you Martin for staying in there and raising awareness.

    6. It takes a special person to give so much for the dogs..

    7. charl is one in a million when charl emailed me the pic of her and jade saying she had fell asleep in her arms that morning my heart broke again and when i looked at the comments especially one comment saying its about time everyone stuck together and did something about this so i commented saying there needs to be a demo outside the spanish embassy there was a reply from a girl saying she was up for that so she is now organizing for september and beryl helping out and coming over to join us if any one interested keep your eye on galgo news in the coming months the more people the better

    8. The idea of a demo in London is on hold. Most people would only be able to get there at a weekend – when the Embassy staff are not there. Also, the demo could only take place across the road from the embassy – a very busy road. The idea has not been abandoned, just shelved for the time being.

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