Feb 12th

    One evening, after rescuing Galgos, Charlotte broke down into uncontrollable tears.

    She sat down at the computer and wrote the following letter. It is written to a hunter, a Galgueros,  from a hunting dog, a Galgo. It came out in one single breath.

    Señor galguero,

    I sat waiting and waiting today as time passed and my hunger grew. You never came, even though we who are here fear your footsteps. You may just bring us those crumbs of bread which we all have to fight for, even though we wish there was enough for us all.

    It’s cold in here tonight and the floor is damp, I cannot sit and I cannot lie down but for you”my master” I will wait in the cold and feel the hunger. When I saw you last you came and took my mother, I still await her return but she just has not come back. I don’t understand Señor Galguero, for I am a good Galgo and I try my hardest.

    Can you bring my Mother back for I miss her terribly, and amongst the other dogs we are all chained up and behind bars? Can you bring her back Señor galguero for I miss her, I will do all I can for you in return? The morning follows and its colder than cold, my body is trembling and am so very hungry. My bones hurt when I try to sit but for you Señor Galguero I will not complain.

    As dawn arrives I hear what are familiar voices and the door screeches open, I think we are going to play today. I don’t understand why you are so very angry with us all and your boot has more than once thrown me acros the floor, as now I see you angry with the pretty white galga in the corner, I didnt see her do anything wrong but while she feels the pain, today it is not my turn.

    The door opens and we are all told to get into the box with wheels. The mud is wet and we scramble into the tiny trailer. Señor Galguero did you forget a rug to sit on? For you Señor I will sit with the rest – this way we are warmer as we are crampt together. We arrive at the fields and its play time, we run and chase and are ordered to catch the running hare that crosses the field. The pretty white galga who felt the boot is struggling to win, for she is lame and bleeding.

    Señor galguero I hear you all laughing and cheering, and I dont understand it? I feel cold today, and so very very hungry. We move across the fields for what seems like forever, the white pretty Galga could not keep up, she was left behind to find her way. They didnt wait for you “pretty white Galga”, though I tried, but Señor Galguero hit me with a stick and I am shivering so I must run faster and faster, I am sorry pretty white Galga.

    At the end of the longest day I am so hungry I feel so empty and raw, I am so tired and weak, did I not run fast enough master, for I tried all I could? We return in the box minus the white galga, and thrown into what is our hole with chains and irons.. A stick of bread all green and blue is thrown at us, but the biggest and faster ones reach it first. For me, my hunger reigns on.
    Señor galguero as you laugh with the men – did you forget my share? I did good today for I didnt get left behind like the pretty white galga, I did good didnt I Señor galguero? I didnt catch your lunch but I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, all for you my master. The night is colder than ever and the floor outside is covered with crunchy white clouds, it’s all frozen and Ive not lived long enough to know what that is, I am sure my Mother would have explained. Where did she go, she never came back? I hear the footsteps yet again and I crouch in fear yet I hope there is food for my empty stomach.

    Today its my turn, alone, Señor galguero grabs my collar pulls me and gives me a beating for I have not been as good a galgo as I thought. I limp to the cold crunchy white grass and we move along into the woods. I think this is a special day today as we are alone, and I hope I can catch his lunch for him today if my weakness lets me. We reach a hidden bearing of trees, and I smell a smell I don’t recognize, but there is a familiarity as I see a body there on the tree, what is she doing Señor galguero like that? I am so cold and hungry I dont know why we are here, it smells not nice.

    Señor Galguero puts a wire round my neck and I sit patiently as perhaps we are going for a longer walk. I shiver as I am frozen and I almost can’t feel my body in cold. All of a sudden there is a rope placed on the wire, I don’t understand this.. but the tree is getting closer like the galga on the other tree. I am hoisted into the air, my feet begin to scramble I cant place my front paws on the ground for the wire is hurting my neck.. Señor Galguero what’s wrong why can’t I breathe? I hear him say “play the piano Galgo” and I don’t understand as he walks off saying “there’s more of you!”

    I try and try and try but I cannot reach the gound, the pain is intense around my neck now and I cannot breathe, cutting m skin he blood runs warm down my neck chocking me in my mouth. I was a good Galgo I tried my best, I just didnt keep up with the rest. I am scrambling and my back paws are weak for they are what is holding me up. I have been here hours now, and I am giving up, Señor Galguero I think I am giving my life for you.

    I close my eyes, and yet in the distance I see the most beautiful figure, so sleek and bright there is a white glow around her, she looks in the distance like the other on the tree..closer and closer she comes for me, she came back after all this time, my mother my beautiful Mother has come for me. It’s alright now she tells me, Señor galguero has gone and we head on now to “Rainbow Bridge” where no more Galgos suffer, we are all happy and run free.

    Come and see! I close my eyes as the sun sets, I fought all day to stay with my master and its taken all this time. I’m free now, I feel no pain and my Mother says we will look down now and help the good people try to save more galgos who need rescuing. we will be like Guardian angels from above.

    Goodbye Señor Galguero.

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    8 Responses to “DAY 152: SOME WORDS FROM CHARLOTTE”

    1. I read this in a link from your last post (I think) and I couldn’t stop crying. It really hurt – hey you know how it feels but at least you’re facing up to it and doing something. I’m so glad that you are doing this and making a difference. It’s so important to know that there are good people out there as well as bad because the human race looks pretty sick and aren’t even that caring towards each other.

    2. I also read his letter before in Charlotte’s blog and I was in tears 🙁
      Sent an email to a big austrian newspaper yesterday suggesting to feature your project. Fingers crossed that they will come up with a story about you.
      Stay strong,

    3. Wow, thank you so much. Let me know what the response is!

    4. Absolutely heartbreaking to read, sorry couldn’t finish it………………

      Thank you so much for caring, Martin. You are a ray of hope in this dark world.

    5. thank you so much. I’m sorry it was too hard to read. One thing that would help enormously is if you could pass on this blog to anyone you think might read it. I’m desperate to get the word out.
      thank you


    6. charl i read this in the heaven to hell book it broke my heart it reduced me to sobbing deeply the fear hurt the pain etc that them babies go through it beyond anything you can describe its soul desroying i ow have my own galgo rey from you and you said it charl i have the real thing a real rescue once given up and now thinks he is king and he is he is a beutiful king he is loved dearly charl

    7. I’ve been volunteering for galgo rescue groups in the U.S. so I’m familiar with these evil doings. But this letter still made me bawl.

      I have this fantasy: Much like the Dark Knight who somehow knows when evil is about to be committed, I swoop down out of the sky and beat the ever-living snot out of the bad guy, then carry the victim to safety. That’s my fantasy for how I want to save the galgos. Obviously that’s not realistic, so I work in fundraising and PR instead. We all have to do what we can, however much that is.

      Martin, your photography is beautiful, as is your heart. Thank you for helping!

    8. Thank you for your kind words and for caring so much Sharon. Much appreciated.

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