• DAY 153: A TRIP TO PARADISE …. or… ‘Oh, crap, does anyone want a dog??’

    Feb 13th


    Doggy heaven

    Right, you lot, I’m getting people telling me it’s all a bit grim.

    I take your point.

    But please, please bear with me. I will do what I can to show the positives and the humour but a theme of this blog is the not-turning-away thing. I’ve come to realise that one of the biggest blocks to change in animal welfare – at least in myself – is our ability to slip back into comfortable ignorance Ahhh… a coffee. Ahhhh… a fag…. Ahhh an old copy of Razzle Dazzle.

    I’ll filter the worst if you must but I need you on this ride. I get scared in the dark by myself.

    Today I spent an hour in Paradise with Charlotte. (That sounds wrong) It wasn’t very satisfying (sorry Charlotte). We went to one of the nicest, freshest, best dog-pounds in southern Spain. See, don’t tell me I don’t think of you. I wanted to go because the government-run pounds are where lots of Galgos and Podencos (the smaller hunting dog) end up after abandonment. If I could see the very best it might give me a handle on the life cycle of a hunting dog. What was it like?

    What more could you want...palm trees, sun, room service...

    What more could you want…palm trees, sun, room service…

    ‘Paraiso’ – or Paradise – is indeed a rather lush place. Surrounded by palm trees, set in the sun and with romantic music playing  from behind trees it’s like a fine package-resort that you might take your family on. Except for a few minor details:  the residents are put in cages are put to sleep by lethal injection after a few weeks. Don’t think that’s ever happened at Club Med. (It has??). Perhaps a better name for this place would be ‘Doggy Heaven’

    Paradise? Where?? Oh..it must be lost.

    Paradise? Where?? Oh..it must be lost.

    So…this is the bit where any objective journalistic integrity I may have is turned to slush.

    Does anyone know anyone that wants a gorgeous dog?? please!!!

    Waiting and waiting. The thing about Galgos is that they are so damn patient.

    Waiting and waiting. The thing about Galgos is that they are so damn patient.

    And if one of you knows Britney Spears / Beyonce / Andy Murray or anyone with a sizeable twitter following can you get them to tweet this page? Or print it out for your grandmother in large font and have her adopt (oh, she’s on Linked In….fine)

    I’ve never seen so many perfect, gorgeous dogs staring out at me that I know are going to die in a few weeks. And I don’t know which acting school they went to but they stare mournfully from their cages with Shakespearean poise. Oh, they aren’t acting? Oh Christ.


    That's pretty good but....now once more with feeling

    That’s pretty good but….now once more with feeling..



    There are quite a few Galgos and Podencos here including the tiny Podenco in the video at the header of this blog post. But there are also a lot of other dogs too, equally worthy. I can’t blame the pound for putting the dogs to sleep when they are massively over-run (fifty galgos came through in the last few weeks –  I blame the idiots who bred or abandoned them) but you’ve got to feel something for these dogs.

    Paradise_04 Paradise_05 Paradise_02 Paradise_03

    Paradise_14 Paradise_15

    More help from Charlotte

    Charlotte has made me an offer. If anyone wants one of these dogs (or do you know someone on facebook that does??) she will foster it whilst it has all medical checks and give it a clean bill of health for only 150 Euro.

    Then there’s the passport and the flight and vets bills that she can also organise. Assuming you are in the UK you can then have one of these dogs for around 600 Euro in about 8 weeks, which is cheaper than many pedigree pups and involves very little organisation. she will however make sure someone comes and does a home check. Only right.

    150 Euro – foster and health check

    150 Euro – vets bills

    250 Euro – flight and transport to your door.


    600 Euro – TOTAL. 




    Anyone can contact me on the above email link (top banner). Thank you.


    TOMORROW – video diary update


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    8 Responses to “DAY 153: A TRIP TO PARADISE …. or… ‘Oh, crap, does anyone want a dog??’”

    1. if anyone reads this i have just adopted my first galgo from charl they are darlings just like my beutiful greys please if you are thinking of getting a dog get a galgo sooooo many having their life taken from them there are thousands that need their forevers charl does an exellent job with them please help if you can

    2. I hear you Jenny. well said!!! Thanks for being a dog lover and supporter of the Galgos. We need more of you!

    3. Thankyou for high lighting the plight of dogs in spanish perreras,there are many more that are not so clean and tidy ,where the poor dogs sleep on wet floors while they await their fate. I am involved with a site that has volunteers that are trying to home as many as possible, if you would like to help please join costablancadoghomingsite on facebook .The more members ,thge more dogs we cna we home.

    4. Thank you for this information. It’s truly awful to imagine so many miserable dogs. If anyone wants to check out this facebook site please do!

    5. I agree with Jenny’s post above. We are in the U.S.A., and we went through G.R.I.N. (Galgo Rescue International Network) to adopt our beautiful Henry in October of 2012. Henry was found abandoned on the streets covered in ticks. I am so grateful for all of the amazing rescue organizations (Henry was fostered by Galgos del Sol) that do so much to help these beautiful creatures. Henry is such a joy — he loves cuddles and car rides, playing with our other dog, and he’s wonderful with our 3 young kids. He’s quite comical, too! The more people that know about the dire situation for animals in Spain, the more we can help save these dogs and pressure the Spanish government to enforce animal welfare laws. Thank you, Martin, for what you are doing with your photographs and your blog!

    6. Thank you Laura! Great to hear such positive news. Please keep reading and supporting!

    7. Thank you Laura! Great to hear such positive news. Please keep reading and supporting!

    8. Anne

      yes I was told about this and this is shocking to hear and I’ve passed this on to Charlotte who will look into this in more detail. Its so horrible to hear stuff like this and yet at the same time its so hard to do anything unless we have evidence. I will be in contact with Jacqui too. Thanks for alerting me.


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