Feb 16th



    Prince is doing so great!

    I’m so incredibly touched – and so is Charlotte – by the support you have all shown for Prince. You have sent in almost £500 by buying prints and giving donations


    Yesterday he went to the vet and…

    he’d put on a whole kilo and given the all clear. Yay!

    Charlotte has estimated that £600 will be enough to pay for all his food, care and vets bills to bring him back to full life so another £100 and Prince will be FULL UP!

    Let’s do it!!

    To be honest I’m still haunted by my trip to ‘Paradise’, the dog pound.. Those poor dogs staring out at me. I would truly love to be able to fund charlotte to rescue another life from there. Sorry to be pushy but if any of you are willing I’d like to start a new fund to rescue either that tiny Podenco (small hunting dog) in the video or the beautiful but timid Galgo (large hunting dog) we saw sitting in the corner.

    When Prince is full up all sales of my photos will go to this new fund.

    You’ve all been incredible.


    If any of you want to buy prints of Charlotte’s beautiful rescue dogs please click here

    If any of you are interested in adopting Prince or any other dog please click charlotte’s website here

    The tiny Podenco

    The tiny Podenco


    The lonely Galgo

    The single Galgo that needs a home



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    4 Responses to “DAY 156: PRINCE UPDATE”

    1. I’ve been to these kennels and had the same experience that you describe. I’ll gladly donate to the little pod but who will take her?

    2. I’m so glad you are trying to rescue these two. I’ve been thinking about the greyhound (I’m in the USA and already have two)ever since I saw your pictures. How much time do we have? Can we donate specifically for that? Thanks, Maureen

    3. Hi Maureen

      I can certainly see if the greyhound is still there and if Charl can take her…shall I ask and can you give an idea of how much you migth be able to donate towards it (it will cost charlotte some money). thanks


    4. i will contact charl and ask if she still there see if she going to pick her up you have to move quick in these situations in these kill stations i do hope she still there bless wish i could take them all i have rey from charl had him 3 weeks now he is a darling

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