Feb 17th
    Steve McQueen goes flying

    I don’t know if you know the film ‘The Great Escape’ but I would particularly like it if we could put the little podenco on the back of a motorbike so he could jump over those walls to his freedom.


    First of all some great news..

    We have now raised enough money to give Prince a completely FULL belly and… a new life. I hope you are all VERY proud of yourselves. Well done and thank you again so much.





    We also have some money left over which could mean…

    …some potentially even BETTER news..


    The tiny Podenco that needs a new home

    The tiny Podenco that needs a new home

    I talked about this little guy in the last blog. He sat patiently waiting for me to take him away but we didn’t have space. It broke my heart to look into his long stare.

    Now I want to try and save him. I want us to try and save him. And I think we have a chance…(IF he is still there and not yet been put down or taken back by another hunter. The shelter kill dogs but also let them go out to new homes without doing home checks. This means the dogs can go BACK into the hands of the hunters)

    I just had a wonderful email from one of the big charities in the US, GRIN (Galgo Rescue Internation Network) who work with Charlotte and they have located a rescue centre that might be able to take the little Podenco in for a new life. But they will need funds.

    I will sell more pictures, I will dance for you, I will sing a song, I will wear very unflattering women’s clothes …. we HAVE to rescue this dog.



    ‘Only connect’

    The writer, E.M.Forster, had a motto which applied as much to his personal life as to his novels, ‘only connect’ he said. He was obsessed with the importance of personal relationships both in his own world and that of his fictional characters. He implored us to stand closer to each other.

    But this motto applies not to just to our inter-human relationships but also to our contact with all things – to other animals and to nature in the broadest sense. We only have one life in which to understand the point at which we merge with something bigger than ourselves.

    'Look into my eyes...look into my eyes..'

    ‘Look into my eyes…look into my eyes..’

    As I move through this year I’m reminded of the importance of these words again and again. And nothing makes their meaning more evident than the direct eye-contact of another being. It so easy to forget the suffering of those that are out of sight, it is even possible to walk past suffering that sits right in front of you, but if another being meets your eyes with open pain it is very very hard to look away without a sense of some pain yourself.

    This sort of connection can be desperately hard and again and again we may choose to not meet it. But it’s also our greatest chance to connect.

    Please please let’s help this dog. Tomorrow I hope we can try and take him out of the dog pound if its not too late. But we need any donations you have. I’ll be using the above chart to keep track of the funds.



    Next blog: finally….the story of hunting the hunting dogs. Trying to rescue stray Galgos on the street.

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