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    Charlotte's two sons, Seb (L) and Nei (R), with the Galga and the Podenco. Nei has fallen in love!

    Charlotte’s two sons, Seb (L) and Nei (R), with the Galga and the Podenco. Nei has fallen in love!

    Charlotte saves another two lives

    Sorry to keep you waiting on news of  that poor little podenco from ‘Paradise’ dog-pound.  And sorry to keep you waiting about my own attempt to rescue stray Galgos roaming the wilderness. That will come next.

    Things are moving fast.

    As soon as I posted that campaign to raise money to get that podenco to a new home Charlotte went back to secure him at the pound. Unfortunately both the Podenco and the beautiful lonely Galgo had gone. We can only hope to good homes. I’m sorry about this. I should have acted quicker. It feels awful to let go of that little chap in particular.

    However Charlotte DID rescue ANOTHER Galga and ANOTHER podenco that had been handed in.


    Charlotte with Ete. From a hunter's hands to a carer's, thank you Charl!

    Charlotte with Ete. From a hunter’s hands to a carer’s, thank you Charl!

    Clearly, in this game there’s no time to raise money first and act later. So in this case Charlotte just pounced to help the dogs.

    Look and learn, Martin. Where my head thinks Charlotte’s heart acts.

    But she is now in the position where she has two new dogs and mounting bills. She will look after the finances of the podenco herself but I feel hugely responsible for the bigger Galga. Of course Charl says she doesn’t need any help but … she does

    She has called the bigger Galga,Ete, short for Eternity and she came from a hunter.

    How much will it cost Charl, to nurse Ete back to full health and ready for adoption?



    Pound release fee – £45

    Full medical check up and microchip – £75

    Sterilisation – £120

    Vaccination – £20

    Food and care until adopted – £240


    TOTAL – £500


    All money now coming in will go to giving this new Galga a life.

    Although she has already escaped from the pound she’s not quite landed on her feet, so in honour of my Steve McQueen metaphor from the last blog this is our new fundraising chart.  Please click here to order any prints of my Galgo portraits for not very much money!


    Ete, the first ever motorbike-driving and jumping Galga.

    Ete, the first ever motorbike-driving jumping Galga.





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    1. Martin, I don’t know how long you plan to be in Spain or if you will be leaving the Malaga area at all, but I have an invitation for you. I will be in the Sevilla area March 3-16. The first week I may or may not get to any shelters, but I will be spending the second week at Fundacion Benjamin MEHNERT with other volunteers from all over Europe. You’re welcome to join us, but that isn’t really the invite I have in mind.

      While there I plan to visited Ddevida (http://www.ddevida.org/), which is a humane education organization in Utrera run by my friend Encarni. I would love for you to see their work and all of the progress they have made in humane education. The amount of community support they have is amazing, especially since this is where most bulls for bullfighting are raised.

    2. Hi Robin

      thanks for the very kind offer.

      I am as yet not sure where I will be on those days but I will certainly keep it in mind. Thanks again for your support.



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