• DAY 165: 7 REASONS TO BE (sort of) CHEERFUL…

    Feb 27th


    After all this bad news a sprinkling of good news..

    OK, this doesn’t make up for the sorry situation of the lost Galgo and Podenco in the last post, but its something positive at least. Feast on it while you can.


    1) Ebro, the Galgo that we suspect had both his front legs deliberately broken, has stood up for the first time. He’s done so actually a little BEFORE he is meant to but you can’t keep a good dog down

    GO EBRO !

    Resting on his front legs.

    Resting on his front legs.

    If any dog’s story is symbolic of the power of recovery in the face of so much suffering then his is the story.

    2) Prince is doing brilliantly. Here is a recent picture showing him already looking more regal (he’s already more stately than Prince Harry although that’s not saying much)


    Prince..courtesy of Chrissy McKella

    Prince..courtesy of Chrissy McKella


    3) Ete and Belen are safely at Charlotte’s and already making themselves at home. Three cheers for Charlotte (again).

    Ete out for a walk.

    Ete out for a walk.


    4) You’ve all be writing in and giving advice about the stray dogs that I couldn’t catch as mentioned here. Here is what I hope to do:

    I am going to offer some extra funds I received from new print sales to paying for enough food for the dogs over the next two weeks OR for homing one or both of these dogs if they are caught for a few weeks until we get them to a shelter. But no promises that anyone can catch these dogs.

    AND I’m going to try and go back. I want to both take more pictures to make a complete series on Galgos with a view to making an exhibition AND if possible I’m going to try and help catch the dogs.

    NO PROMISES I can do anything at all. In fact its highly unlikely but I will try.

    Big dog, small dog: the little brown Podenco followed the bigger Galgo everywhere.

    Big dog, small dog: the little brown Podenco followed the bigger Galgo everywhere.


    5) The photos I’ve taken have been getting a lot of press and generating awareness. Here is one link to a prominent site about dogs and art.


    I also have a major newspaper in the UK very interested in publishing about Prince. So a little effort does pay off after all.


    6) You’ll see I have a new link above for selling prints

    The print sales did so well there’s a dedicated little shop here to raise money. And …wait for it, I’ve been doing some sketches of Galgos too which I might try and sell. Will let you know more..


    7) And finally….

    I came back to rainy England and just saw this incredible woman walk down the street. She said the hat was made by her nephew…I hope her nephew wasn’t taking the piss but I think its brilliant.

    Matching outfits

    Matching outfits




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    10 Responses to “DAY 165: 7 REASONS TO BE (sort of) CHEERFUL…”

    1. Yeah for you and what you are doing! I’m so thrilled!

    2. Martin..you have to lots to be cheerful about and proud of. I for one had no awareness about the Galgos..you’ve bought it to the attention of a lot more people. I’ll be buying a print tomorrow, but I wish I could win the lottery.

    3. Martin — would you make the type color on this column a little darker. Our people have been missing “read more”. Thanks.

    4. thank you Marylou, that’s very useful feedback…I will!

    5. Thank you so much for even thinking about saving these beautiful beings. No one seems to think of them. They are often left to rot. Thank you from Canada.

    6. thank you Basia!

    7. Martin, I know that animals everywhere need help, but I think the galgo situation is especially dire. Perhaps the worst possible next to the dog meat trade in Asia, so if you could keep helping us raise awareness that would be fantastic. You feel sometimes helpless but let me assure you that you are joining a world-wide upswell of activity surrounding the galgos. The Spanish rescue groups and rescue groups world-wide are rescuing and rehoming the dogs as fast as they possibly can, and the rest of us are fundraising like furies and getting the word out. You have helped us tremendously with your gorgeous photography and blog. We can’t thank you enough!!!!!

    8. thank you Sharon! You’ll see in my next post that I’m going back…!

    9. So happy to read this last blog post. You are doing so well and we all are at least trying to spread the information through your blog, not many people are aware of the situation of Galgos, I guess hardly anyone. I wish our flat wasn’t a tiny one bed but a big farm and I could take lots of those beautiful brave dogs here. Maybe one day. Btw I think I’ve seen you with your two dogs in London Fields last week. Cute they are!

    10. you saw me! no way! You should have said hello!

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