Mar 10th
    Dover, the Galgo, lit by a single dingy window

    Dover, the Galgo, lit by a single dingy window

    I’m feeling a rare sense of excitement. My most recent photos of galgos are suprisingly powerful. 

    (Sorry for the delay. I’ve been without internet out in here in Spain for a few days.)

    The last few months have been fairly hard for my weak little soul. Its as though I’ve walked around a very dark derelict building searching for a way through – or out? Every room seems to have suffering in it and I wasn’t sure how to respond.  But a few weeks back I found this door labelled ‘Galgo’ and now, after knocking on it for a while it is opening and some light is coming through.

    First of all you guys have helped raise some serious cash.

    Secondly, a very large UK newspaper with a massive online global readership. the Daily Mail Online, have published Prince’s story with my pictures. This is a huge boost for awareness and I hope in the long run some benefit.

    Please see here. It’s fairly mainstream and brief but it’s a start…


    And thirdly,  the most recent photos I have taken at Charlottes have moved me deeply.




    I shall stand up to say this – I AM A GALGAHOLIC. I’m addicted to raising awareness for their plight  – and for the podencos – and these gorgeous creatures threaten to derail my year to help. As Charlotte right said: once you get involved there is no turning back. I want to make a coffee table book of their portraits.

    My intention on arriving here was to take more pictures of the dogs in the sun. But the non-stop rain forced me grudgingly into Charlottes barn where in the damp and musty darkness I found a beautiful light. I made a portrait of a Galgo,  its frail form lit by a single window like a flemish portrait. When I saw the test image on my digital camera I knew the series would go far.


    Many of you will not like these pictures. They are not postcard pretty. Nor are they joyful. But then nor is the story of hte Galgo. It is not my intention to tell people how sweet these dogs are – even though we all know they are – my intention is to convey something of their tragic predicament so people are alerted.  I want to convey the dog’s majesty but also their vulnerabilty. The galgo is beautiful but it is broken.

    You will see these images in magazines and exhibitions around the world, I am almost certain. I don’t feel their power comes from my voice so much as their own, which for too long and to too many people has been unheard.

    I am not selling these images for now nor will I show you more. The project will need to ferment and rise in its own private room but  I assure you it will grow and when its ready you will see it in many places.

    I have to find a way to fund the project (it could take over a year to complete and multiple trips to spain and thousands of pounds) but I will do it. Somehow. I have to make it happen.  But first I need to continue with my yeartohelp….

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    1. These are completely stunning! Will do whatever I can to help.

    2. Not postcard pretty maybe, but strikingly and hauntingly beautiful. I really look forward to the book (which I will certainly buy so that’s one sale guaranteed…) – a great companion piece for the dogs in cars. This year may be hard emotionally for you, Martin, but you are creating some amazing things from it, photos, cash, awareness – and this is only up to day 175! Wow!! xxx

    3. Martin! You MUST make a photography book on Galgos! These grat pictures deserve a book! Absolutely! I will be the first one to purchase it!

    4. Agree. These images will make a great second book in your series about dogs!!

    5. How about a calendar – that way we look at it every day. And you buy one every year.

    6. could be a nice idea!!

    7. amazing Martin that you have caught the pure raw essence of the galgo espanol in his humble and yet magnificent state..thank you for your work..we are with you Martin..
      I will be first to buy your book!!

    8. can you name the other galgos as well?

    9. You MUST do a book on Galgos to help bring attention to their plight. Your pictures are beautiful and soulful. They capture so much emotion and beauty in these animals. You know all of us are with you on this. It will help all hounds everywhere. I don’t think people realize what these dogs endure in their life and what the rescue groups sacrifice to capture and save them in an effort to hopefully place them in a loving home so they will know what it’s like to eat every day, be loved and enjoy life. Please do this for them. Thank you for everything you have done. Keep the pictures and stories coming! We love them!

    10. thank you so much.

    11. Your photos are just stunning. You have captured the essence of my motto: If it isn’t a sighthound, it’s just a dog. Whatever we can do to alleviate even part of the suffering is so worth whatever its cost to us. Carry on!

    12. Martin, can you tell us about these dogs pictured? Are they all in need of homes? Thanks!

    13. yes, almost every one is needing a home. Every one. So so sad. If you want to know more please write to me at martin@yeartohelp.com (give some time for a response as I’m over run!!) thank you!

    14. I would love to buy a book of your photographs of these amazing dogs, you have captured their beautiful broken hearts and your pictures will help to mend them.

      Thank you.

    15. Dear Martin Usborne.

      It would just be SO fantastic and wonderful if you gonna make a book about the wonderful breed – the GALGOS.
      I am more than sure it will be a super hit.
      As you know from Facebook and from Charlotte del Rio’s FB-page, there are so so many who loves the galgos. And for them who don’t know the breed, it just will be such an eyeopener for them to see the breed.
      And i for sure -are going to bey the book when you have finish it!!!
      So what are you waiting for??? 🙂

    16. I’m waiting for some time and money to do it! I will have to raise funds as after this year is up I’ll need to go back to earning proper money!!!

    17. Fantastic photographs, Telma is so right.
      You absolutely MUST do a book!!
      There are thousands of galgoholics just waiting to own a book like this.
      Superb x

    18. I have a Spanish ‘coffee table’ book of beautiful photos of rehomed galgos – been looked at and admired so often the pages are coming loose! As I said to you when you first wrote to me, welcome aboard the Galgo Train – your life will change forever.

    19. Martin, Your photographs convey the sense of beauty of the Galgos, and also the sense of tragedy that all too often surrounds them. They are remarkable pictures of remarkable dogs. I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. And I’m in the queue for a copy of your future book!

    20. Your photos are great. You should definetely make a book out of them. If your aim was to convey the dog’s majesty but also their vulnerabilty, you succeeded! I discovered Galgos through your blog, and I already love them and I am sharing their sad story. Congratulations for your project (I mean, A Year to Help).

    21. thank you Marco. Am so glad to hear that I bought the galgo story to another compassionate mind! Please pass on the message.

    22. These photos sent a tingle down my spine – they are such hauntingly beautiful and powerful images! Yes, you really must do a book!!

    23. A book of galgos is a fantastic idea, I love it. Your photographs are so beautiful and touching and you have nicely find out the nature of the galgos and how fragile they are. I will be the first on the line to buy a book!

    24. Sign me up for the book too!You truly have a gift.The pics are beautiful and powerful.Thankyou for that.

    25. Dear Martin – I would be *proud* to have your Galgo book in my home! My heart continues to break for all the sadness you uncover…BUT…we MUST know….we just MUST!! These dogs are just……so…..beautiful!

    26. Of course you should publish the book! It was great meeting you and being your assistant for a couple of days.

    27. Beautiful photos, I will certainly buy the book, a calendar is also a good idea. I have recently adopted an 8 year old galga. She is lovely and BLACK ! Their plight is tragic and so un-necessary.

    28. Yes, of course you should puplish such a book.
      Wonderful fotos!!

    29. Absolutely Gorgeous! Thank you . ii am posting this blog to Facebook.

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