Mar 13th
    The formidable Linda with Martin the scared but recovering Podenco

    The formidable Linda with Martin the very scared Podenco

    I have a dog named after me, I’d better go and hang out with it.

    Today I met with Linda, a friend of Charlotte and one of the wonderful people caring  for Martin the Rescued Podenco.   I asked what inspired her to call the dog Martin.  She said ‘they had run out of ideas for names so just used mine’. Well, I only hope my mother didn’t do the same

    A few days back, the little podenco and the big galga were rescued.

    I had tried but failed to catch them on my last trip, along with my three Spanish women friends with whom I could not speak a word – we had a net, we had snacks, we had sign language but we had no luck.


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    Miguel the wonder dog-catcher.

    The dogs were finally caught by a man called Miguel who I have since discovered is quietly famous in these parts – one woman I met recently said, vaguely swooning,  ‘he has a way to him, he can catch any animals, I’ve seen him run across rooftops to rescue kittens, he can charm any dog’ I wondered if he had chased her.

    Martin the podenco was staying at a shelter seemingly run by a small yorky in a very large chair

    Martin the podenco was staying at a shelter seemingly run by a small yorky in a very large chair

    (I see Miguel as a more impressive version of myself. Where I am pale he is tanned. Where I have a scruffy stubble he has bristle. Where I rescue snails he wrestles bears. Probably.  Well, I bet he didn’t win the school disco prize when he was ten years old by doing the splits in the school hall (and ripping his trousers down the crotch) Oh, he did?)

    I was keen to see Martin in particular, not just because he was named after me but because he seemed the sorrier of the two – trailing after the elegant black galga with a limp and that mysterious string digging into his waist. SOMEONE LOOSEN HIS FLIPPING BELT!!

    The eyes have it. Not a very relaxed dog but he'll get there with some love and time

    The eyes have it. a nervous dog but he’ll get there with some love and time


    Podencos are the less glamorous brother of the Gaglo: they suffer the same awful hardships but get over-looked because, like wannabe models rejected from a casting session, their legs aren’t so long and their bodies not so thin.

    But this one is a great colour, cute eyes, a real beauty.



    The thing is little Martin shakes like a child holding a road drill. Quivering with fear the whole time. I don’t blame him and sure he will recover soon but I HATE the way we inflict this level of fear on these little creatures. I gave him a stroke and hug, naturally he was astonished we had the same name.


    some reiki being performed on poor martin to calm him down

    some reiki being performed on poor martin to calm him down




    From the sales of the recent sketches we’ve raised enough money to look after Martin for the next few weeks and pay for all his initial medical tests. But, under the burden of  that this dog is now practically my child,  Martin Jr II, I’m releasing some more prints below in the hope that we can provide ongoing care in the next few months and get mini-me on teh road to recovery much faster.

    The same print now comes with the best name in the world - Martin. To remind you of both the pod and of course me!!!

    The same print now comes with Martin’s name on it. To remind you of both the pod and me of course!!!

    For the above sketch only:

    £33 + PP (£3 will go towards printing costs)

    6×8 inch water colour paper

    Archival inkjet with signature

    Limited to 50 editions of each

    By the way, the lovely Galga is doing fine (if also terrified) but is staying not far away in another shelter. As soon as Martin is physically better he’ll be reunited with the Galga so let’s get him better sooooon!

    Along with Martin are some other rescued dogs with real characters, all of whom have kindly agreed to forgo their modelling fee for the sake of helping Martin. Some aren’t the handsomest kids in town but please buy what you can.

    PRINTS: Any of the below prints are available for sale and the money will go to Martin and the Galga direct. For prices click here. Remember to add postage!


    ‘Little Yorky’

    'Shampoo advert'. The little Yorkshire rescue poses for a hair commercial

    ‘Shampoo advert’. The little Yorkshire rescue poses for a hair commercial


    Yorky – dreaming


    ‘Yorky – proud’



    ‘The saddest cutest dog in the world’ Available in all print sizes.  This adorable pooch was recently rescued from northern Africa where it was found with no hair at all. It’s making a slow but good recovery.


    TOMORROW: my visit to FBM, the vast Galgo rescue centre in Seville.

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    1. Hey Martin,
      I’m still reading and enjoying your blog and photos. We have had so many dogs with the frightened eyes and terrified manner of your podenco. Some come around, some don’t. These dogs need to be part of a special family; no small children, peace, quiet and patience. Unfortunately we rarely find people willing to take these dogs on; we do what we can at the shelter but it is far from ideal.

    2. Hi Marj, wonderful to hear from you. How are things? I do remember well the dogs you had that were fearful. the more suffering I come across with dogs the more I realise it’s so wonderful that people like you are able to share your time, space and compassion with them. Keep up the really amazing work you are doing, we are all with you!


    3. Martin the podenco is sooooo beautiful, I really hope he feels calmer soon and can be with the galga. What soulful eyes and expression.

    4. Tomorrow I will ask Miguel if we won the the school disco prize 🙂

    5. I’m so happy that Martin was rescued and that you got to meet him. Of course I think you should adopt him along with the galga. It is fate!

    6. I love Martin the podenco receiving Reiki to help him overcome his fear, a friend of mine uses Reiki therapy on rescue animals and they respond so well, when she visits me my dogs climb onto her lap and demand the healing hands which send them straight to sleep, they are so pushy about it but dog’s really know how to get what they want from kind people 🙂 I love the pictures in this series, especially the first one entitled ‘the eyes have it’ and I’d like to make you a swap, I’ll write you a song if you’ll give me that print 🙂 Your song can be for the journey of your year or a particular animal that has touched your heart through your mission to save them. Keep up the amazing work, everyone should read and see this.

    7. sure thing! How can you get me the song? Am intrigued to hear it. Thanks for the support!

    8. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    9. I will send it to you on CD and mp3 Martin but first if you can email with what you’d like it to be about then hopefully I can make it a personal reflection of your journey, the ‘sound’ of what you are doing to go with the fantastic images and stories. It should be ready by the end of April with some luck. If you don’t have time to email I will just read through more of your blogs to get inspiration.

    10. For me this whole journey is about ‘connecting’. Connecting to animals, connecting to myself. Closing those divides we place in our souls that separate us from others…thank yoU!

    11. Hi Martin, did you meet the galga who was saved with Martin? Does she has a name now?

    12. Must follow up with Anu above. Any news on the galga that was with Martin? I cannot wait to see them meet again when Martin (the podenco) is feeling better.

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