• Day 185: I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN YOU, GALGOS – some cover designs for a possible book

    Mar 28th
    A possible cover for a book on Galgos (and podencos)?

    A possible cover for a book on Galgos (and podencos)?

    While we continue wait to rescue the dogs bound for the restaurants I’m still thinking very hard about the photo book I want to do on the Galgos, the spanish hunting dogs, to raise awareness for their plight.

    I want the book to be big, coffee table size, and hardback. So it sits on teh table and says ‘LOOK AT ME!’

    Here are some possible covers. I’m thinking they should be embossed in DISTRESSED GOLD to get across the regal nature of these dogs. Which do you think is best?

    By the way if anyone knows anyone with lots of cash who wants to make this book happen put them in touch. It will take a few visits to spain.

    OPTION 2: Big and bold? Gold lettering across the front

    OPTION 2: Big and bold? Gold lettering across the front


    A more understated book - covered in fine linen with gold embossing. The colours reflect the spanish national flag (but also of course bull fighting...and blood)

    OPTION 3:  a more understated book – covered in fine linen with gold embossing. The colours reflect the spanish national flag (but also of course bull fighting…and blood). This is more in the tradtion of the fine-art photo book


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    44 Responses to “Day 185: I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN YOU, GALGOS – some cover designs for a possible book”

    1. My vote goes for option 1. Although they all look fantastic!

    2. Hi Martin, the first picture for definite, so regal yet frail with an air of sadness about it. better without the writing over the top of the dog too. and the dog has her tail tucked under her legs which speaks volumes too, also like the slight darkness in this photo. love it

    3. I love all three but think Option 1 does have the edge over the others.

    4. Also love all three designs but felt immediately attracted to the first one.

    5. I like the first cover as well. I totally agree with jacqueline on that. One question: why the two oranges in both photos?

    6. Check out wwww.greyhoundsinneed.co.uk who do a brilliant job of re-homing Spanish Galgos and Galgas. I had the delight of having ‘Izzy’ with me for 6 years after she was discarded in Spain at the age of 10!!

    7. Another vote for Cover #1. I also agree with Jacqueline’s comments. That photo, with the title above it, is compelling.

    8. Another vote for #1. it’s haunting. Btw, there is another walk for Galgos and other hunting dogs in Sevilla on May 12.

    9. Definitely #1.

    10. I like the first one as well.It’s a picture worth a thousand words.

    11. Definitely the first : such an incredibly beautiful photo !

    12. Yet another vote for number 1! What have we done to these dogs? This picture makes me want to know more.

    13. P.S.: With regards to someone who has lots of cash: Why not write to Paris Hilton? I would give it a try.

    14. Hi Martin…I am with the masses… #1 has my vote! ‘Very striking/distressing’…I would want to ‘know more’ if I saw this cover on the shelves!

    15. I like option 1 the best also.

      I’ve been helping with galgo rescue organizations in the U.S. (which means we help the Spanish rescues, of course), and fund raising is THE biggest challenge. There is just SO much need. My biggest disappointment so far has been the utter silence from the big international animal welfare organizations. The ones that you’d think would have experience with international politics and diplomacy and connections to major media. The grass roots movement is growing and I do believe we’re going to move mountains as they say. But it sure would be nice if we got some “professional” help from these people.

      The other day I read a quote online from a rescue person who visited a Spanish kill station while they were … well, you know. She was clearly emotionally torn up and commented about the screaming and the smell. It’s got to be like a Nazi concentration camp for animals. Utter hell. And then, Martin, your posts here about stopping the dog meat trucks gave me another thought. What do we do with all these hundreds of thousands of dogs we rescue? Here’s a moral dilemma for you: is it more humane to eat the dogs, or more humane to send them to Spanish-style kill stations by the hundreds?

      Obviously the answer is neither of those. But this is me feeling completely overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem. Must focus…. but my heart aches…

    16. Sharon — considering the way the dogs are killed for meat, it’s a toss up between the two options of the dilemma.

    17. I wanted to add another vote for No. 1. The picture really captures the sense of failure and dread for what awaits them their cruel owners have instilled in them.
      I’m not on facebook, but I wonder what others would think about a campaign to raise money for this book. People could not only donate money, but also frequent flier miles to be used for the travel. Another thought is to maybe have a raffle with the prize being a print of one of the photos from the book. That would be taking into consideration that it would bring in a minimum of at least 3 to 4 times what your prints go for.
      Take care Martin, I really admire all the work you are doing.

    18. Thank you Judy. All great suggestions. I’m very dedicated to oding the book about the galgos but I can’t just yet get distracted from completing my year to help. However I do have some plans to raise cash by ‘pre-selling’ the book. I.e it might sell for £40 as a large glossy coffee table book, people can pre-buy it to enable the project to happen, in return they not only get the book but their name printed in the back as a ‘donor’. Others can invest more by buying prints. That way people don’t just donate, they get stuff back but also make the project happen. Win win I hope!

    19. No 1 definitely. Both stunning pictures. Take care Martin.

    20. Great idea about the pre-sales; after all, that’s how some TV programs and films get partially financed, as well.

      I give my vote to the first image.

      And a question: Will the underdogs of the underdogs – the podencos – get a place in your book?

      Thanks for all the great work,

    21. Yes, definitely after you complete your Year to Help. I’ve been engrossed in every venture you’ve taken. I love that you not only bring awareness to the problem, but also to those who are working so hard to combat it.

    22. Option 1 for me – Definitely. It’s stunning. Good luck with this amazing project. I guess you’ve probably considered this, but maybe funds for the book could be raised by pre-selling using Kickstarter?

    23. yes, that is one plan I have for sure!

    24. Just to add my two-pennies worth Martin. The layout of option 1 wins hands down, but I think you probably knew that already. I’m just not so sure that such an emaciated dog should take the front cover. I know it’s the ‘rise and fall’ of the Galgo, but shouldn’t the cover show a healthy animal? Perhaps I’m missing the point completely, but that poor dog looks so unhappy.

    25. I also vote for cover no 1, this book will shine a bright light on the plight of the Galgo which is so greatly needed. Thank you Martin.

    26. I would go for Option 2. If it is intended to be a glossy, coffee table book, then it will need to look appealing, and whilst option 1 is striking, I’m not sure many people would want this image on their coffee table, which might inhibit sales?

    27. A little late, but I agree with Angela. The cover should show the galgo in all its elegant glory. In fact, I hope the book will focus on what good people are capable of doing in this effort and less on the shameful perpetrators. I, for one, have an extremely difficult time looking at photos of tortured animals and when I see or read about it, will go no further. That does not mean I am unsympathetic – on the contrary, I am owned by two beautiful ex-racing greyhounds, work with rescue groups and provide funding to several galgo and greyhound organizations. I do not believe the vast majority of people need dozens of images to understand the problem, but they do need to know that they can help, and how to do it.

      Martin: Thank you for your beautiful photographs and heartwarming stories about the galgos and the wonderful people who give them health, hope, homes and love.

    28. Hi Gayle

      thanks for this.

      Yes, I understand your position. I don’t want to show too much misery and yet still want to get the message across.

      With this book however I’m trying to do more than just show that these dogs have been treated so appallingly. I want to show that they have a fragile majesty and tie that to the landscape of spain and to the classical painting of Spain’s past. I don’t think everyone will buy into that but I think it will make it a more unique – and hopefully long lasting – project.

      Thanks for reading


    29. I Like the first image as it implores you to think about why this dog looks the way he does..with the title, you wonder how he fell from grace, the look he has beakons you to find out…yes that is good Martin..
      Question is that Dover? I was able to bring him to the states and he is in a loving foster home that adores him and may fail..:) I love that image because it is the truth of how the majority of galgos look and feel before rescue and rehab..thanks for continuing with this project..I will buy a pre sale for sure!! Telma
      p.s. check out our website for my story on my time with Char.last month.

    30. Hi Telma, yes I think it was Dover. Good to hear from you again and glad you spent some time with Charl. I am sure it was inspirational. THanks for the comment abotu the book – I really hope I can get to it soon. best< martin

    31. Martin, I wonder if you realise just how much you helped the Galgos at 112Carlotagalgos? Because of you, I and countless others became aware of the plight of the galgos, and of this tiny refuge in Spain, and now support them financially, through adoption and sharing the message. take a bow Martin Usborne 🙂

    32. you’ve made my day. What a gorgeous message. Thank you thank you

    33. Have a front cover with a beautiful sleek regal galgo (the start) and a back cover with the dispirited skinny bowed galgo (the end)

    34. Hi Martin,
      My vote goes to cover No 1.

      Do you remember Sara & Apolo , two Podencos from 112 Carlotagalgos?

      They are now part of our family here in the UK.

      Thank you for raising awareness and telling it how it is.
      These dogs need all the help we can give them.
      Kindest regards

    35. Yes I remember Sara and Apolo very well! Doesn’t charlotte do such amazing work. Bless you both xx

    36. I too – favor photo #1. If one of the aims of the book is to raise awareness of the plight of the Galgos – the cover must reflect that. Showing a beautiful, healthy & well filled out dog – will lead the potential reader to think – all is well. When in fact – all is far from well for the still tens of thousands of dogs still roaming the streets abandoned – or worse yet – still in the hands & at the mercy of their hunter/gypsy owners. An option to putting the 1st photo on the cover – would be to then put an updated photo of that particular dog – just on the inside – showing how far he’s come after being rescued. Individual dog stories & histories draw us all in. They capture our hearts & make us want to change things for the better. But – to see the real impact of the work that’s gone on & still needs to go on – we need to see the “before” pictures. They’re part of the story. In fact – they are the reason for the story. I do agree that the photos need not be graphic in nature, but even in those photos of the thinner dogs – their beauty & elegance can easily be seen & one can tie that in to their
      past – a time when they were cherished & revered.

    37. Number 1

    38. We love the galgos too! I might suggest to you a KickStarter campaign to fund your book!

    39. It’s in the works!

    40. Number 1 definitely!!! You should contact Petra Postma of Save a Galgo Espanol about this project…..she takes WONDERFUL galgo pics……

    41. Cover 1 broke my heart. Fabulous work. Evocative as anything. I have 2 rescued greyhounds and am on board. Well done and best of luck.

    42. thank you!

    43. The tyoe design on option 1, using the photo from optiion 2.

    44. For book covers the 1st 2 are the best, to actually show the dog, so beautiful, I lived for 7 awful yrs in Spain came home the the u.k with 5, Glgos + Podencos, now have 2 Pods + 1 Galgo, a total joy to have them the others so badly missed, but had love + care till their last, breath, held in my arms, alaways room in our home (when ‘that’ time comes) for 2 more Galgo rescues…..love ’em to bits, if we could we’d have many, but our hearts are big enough, its our wallet that falls short!!!

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