• DAY 240: ARE LOST DOGS FOLLOWING ME?? Japanese Akita found in street

    May 27th
    The lost akita dog just about under control with my belt. My trousers fell down a little more each time he pulled.

    The lost akita dog which I managed to catch with my belt. My trousers fell down a little more each time he pulled.

    I’ve become hopelessly attuned to stray dogs.

    Even when they are not actually stray.

    Ann will tell you. It’s a bit of a problem. Every dog that walks past that isn’t on a lead I’m convinced is lost.  I see a happy little Jack Russell in the park and before I know it I’m lying on the floor trying to give it a bit of my sandwich / ice-cream / cappuccino, spinning out a narrative of sorrow and loss. ‘ I can save you’ I whisper as the owner walks up behind me and in a clipped accent tells me NOT to feed their dog.

    Thank God I am not trying to save kids. I’d be locked up at this rate.

    So the other night, when I saw a vast, well-groomed Japanese Akita walk past me without an apparent owner on Broadway market I forced myself to walk onwards.  But I couldn’t  resist one check over my shoulder.  I saw someone point at it and had to pause. Then someone else shouted out the window ‘That dog’s been in the road half an hour. Cars have been swerving past it!’


    A minute later I found myself running down the road after the dog alongside a fantastically drunk  woman who had decided to join in. It wasn’t too hard to get the dog. I got some chips off someone and threw them in the road. The akita stopped to eat, I took off my belt and put it round the dog’s head. But the drunk woman claimed that she had wanted to rescue the dog and that I was in the way and that frankly I was an idiot. She also claimed that I was going to take the dog home and abuse it. Just like she had been abusing herself with alcohol.

    After a brief and pointless conversation she finally decided to retreat into her own drunken world and I was left with a dog that was clearly well-looked after, whcih could sit on command, which ate a lot of chips but had no collar.


    Ann, who was with me, called the local dog warden and we took the dog home to wait for the pickup. Bug, our dog,  squealed when he saw this vast dog arrive at the door, so we kept the akita in the car whilst we waited. The man who picked him up was incredibly professional and quickly detected a microchip and was confident he would locate the owner or find him a very good home.

    Phew. Easier than in India at least.





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    3 Responses to “DAY 240: ARE LOST DOGS FOLLOWING ME?? Japanese Akita found in street”

    1. Martin, your heart is open for animals, that’s why you spotted him. Loved the bit about the drunken lady 😉
      I hope his owner will be found soon – but I wonder how one can lose such a beautiful dog ?!? How can this be?

    2. Hi Martin
      Did you manage to register the Akita on DogLost.com? They are a fab organisation. Could really help you find the owners of all the future dogs you may come across!

    3. No, but the organization that picked up the dog were extremely efficient, fast and kind and were very confident the dog would be rehomed easily as it had a chip. I will try and find out the latest. Thanks

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