Jun 3rd

    Out in Somerset again this weekend. Beautiful day, perfect views, horrible sight. Saw this ewe limping with her lamb. Foot rot most likely. She wasn’t the only one, in a field of some 60 sheep there were maybe 10 or more that were in a very bad way.

    Nothing unusual I suppose. This must be happening up and down the land, But it somewhat undermines the idyllic view that we may have of farms, whether they are sunny, beautiful or organic.

    As a member of the public with rucsac on back, sandwich in hand and smile dropping down face, what do you do?

    I spoke to the local farm (yea farm), got the telephone number of the neighbouring farm that was responsible for the sheep (not Yea farm but a farm in Stogumber, run by a farmer called Gibbons apparently) and have reported this to the RSPCA and to trading standards as well.

    It feels almost pedantic doing this. But not pedantic for the sheep

    Will update you if anything is actually done.



    And in case you are near….


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    7 Responses to “DAY 249: INJURED SHEEP IN FIELD – WHAT DOES ONE DO?”

    1. I hate seeing things like this…you feel so helpless like you want to go over n pick the sheep up, take it home, ‘fix’ it, call it Shaun n let it live in ur house where it can come to no more harm!!…but in the real world you did the right thing, contacting the farmer and the RSPCA and trading standards.
      The farmer may not have been aware of it but now he has no excuse not to help the sheep/sheeps! Xx

    2. Reminds me of our trip to Wales, all those many years ago. You jumped over a fence to tend to what you thought was an injured sheep. Happily, you found out it was O.K. and we went on our merry way. I admired you for doing it then and I feel the same way now. Good for you!

    3. thanks Barbara! How are you? long time. I hope you are well and thanks for reading. It is really upsetting to see an animal in that condition

    4. it can be difficult to find the relevant farmer so well done!(my postcards arrived today from the Kerala Ark, they’re brilliant and I intend to display them in my dog grooming salon if thats ok!)

    5. yes, wonderful! Thanks for buying them!

    6. Contact the animal welfare officer at the local council instead of the RSPCA. I’ve spoken to my local officer many a time to report injured or dead animals which had just been left for ages.

    7. I contacted Trading Standards and they are sending a vet to check up on it, thanks

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