Sep 18th

    Please pass this on.

    The more human eyes on this the less pigs bellies on tables.

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    8 Responses to “DAY 354: PLEASE PASS THIS ON.”

    1. When you asked, I did send some of the earlier pig pix and the link and a brief description to the five largest Spanish animalista organisations and five smaller, more specialised ones, to three U.K. magazines or newspapers, to about 40 individuals and on three Brit-expat message boards, two in Spain and one in France. I had one acknowledgement and one person on a message board asked what point I was trying to make – apart from that, nothing. I think it’s as I said – most people already know and/or aren’t interested and/or don’t care. After all, it would never have got to thiis point if many people cared.

    2. Demn good work, though – well trespassed that man!

    3. Kate, I don’t think it’s necessarily that people don’t care,I think people just shut down when it comes to thinking about the possibility that the animals that they eat may actually feel pain and emotions as we do. It’s a whole lot easier than facing the fact that many animals have suffered so that they could enjoy a nice flesh meal.People also don’t like to stand out from the crowd, so they continue to do what most others do rather than be ridiculed or considered weak because they show compassion for what others consider lesser beings.Martin’s and other’s work won’t change the mind of the hardcore, callous animal eaters but it can definitely influence those of us that do care about animals but just never gave much thought to how the animals that feed us suffer day after day and hour after hour.I am currently going through this experience myself, having given up eating flesh several weeks ago. I have visited farm animal rescues so that I could actually see that these animals have personalities and feelings.I visualize having them as a pet to reinforce why I don’t want to eat them.Martin’s images are showing me just how bad their existence is.

    4. Thank you Linda, that was brilliantly put. I’m trying to appeal to the people that care but have chosen not to see. Many thanks.

    5. Your Project is coming to an end soon. Which is sad. But is good for Ann and Moose and Bug.
      Spain is not a good country for pigs. Thank you for exposing this.
      I will watch out for a book!

    6. Yes Martina, soon, but I may over run by a few weeks! You’ve been a tremendous supporter and I saw you sent some money again. I really can’t thank you enough. If you ever come to London we must meet up, thank you so much!

    7. “I’m trying to appeal to the people that care but have chosen not to see.”
      Oh, that’s all right then. I was afraid you might be hoping for a huge reaction and be disappointed, that was all. You know how it is, when you experience or discover something huge and terrible (terribly good or bad) and you think, as Ginny Rutherford comments further back, “This should be on the front page of every newspaper. I must tell the world,” and you rush off to start.. ..but the world doesn’t want to know. I’ve done it so many times, about so many things, and seen so many other people trying and falling exhausted like moths fluttering against a windowpane, but the machine grinds on relentlessly.

    8. Sorry, I meant Cindy, not Ginny.

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