• Day 43: Can photography make a difference?

    Sep 28th

    I’m very aware that as a lone photographer, with zero veterinary skills or political contacts, I don’t have an awful lot of tools to affect change. I can press the button on my camera but not sure I can press the buttons of politicians or anyone else.

    Or can I?

    I spend the day with All Dogs Matter ferrying dogs up to their ‘holding’ kennels just outside London, driving up and down the MI with Billie and my camera gear. When we got there I take pictures of all the pooches looking for homes.Perhaps if I can give them a nice shot with nice light to put on the website then someone might take more of an interest… I remember how hard it was to get a decent shot of myself when I did online dating so I sympathise with these beasts….there, look, one even smiles for me..


    It’s all rather tenous, superfical stuff but hopefully it helps

    There are so many Staffies and other ‘bull breeds’ here (bull mastiffs, bull terriers, other ‘hard’ looking dogs) and they are all looking for homes.  This is a caring place but its not meant as a permanent home – dogs here turn in their pens in circles of hope, waiting to be fostered or taken to a new life. But too many wait too long. But it’s the best that can be done.

    The dogs form an army of strong bodied, soft-hearted animals with with more energy than they can express. As they come out for their photos they pull and jerk and jump. Capturing their face is like trying to step on a bar of soap with wellies – as soon as you think you have it they slip off in another direction. Saying ‘cheese’ doesn’t help either – unless you have a kilo of cheddar in your hand. And then they just salivate.

    But this is what dogs DO. They need movement and space. I want to let them off into an endless field if only they would come back!

    This chap was so attached to his lead he wouldn’t take it out of his mouth

    I WANT A WALK!!!!

    A little photoshop helps…

    If anyone is looking for ANY lovely dogs then please go visit All Dogs Matter here, they are more than happy to help.

    All dogs matter!

    You may have heard me on the radio last night. If you did, thanks for tuning in.

    Next I’ll tell you what happened when I posed as a buyer responding to one of those awful gum tree ads selling dogs.

    I wanted to see just how bad it really was. And it wasn’t hard to find in Hackney. My undercover disguise involved merely changing my glasses, wearing a woolly hat. I didn’t even have a fake moustache. But the results weren’t too fun.



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    1. YES, photography can and does help. It’s what you know and do best, so it’s what you can offer and it can help amazingly and already is.

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