• Day 47: what do I do with two baby staffies?

    Oct 8th

    Now I know what it is like to have kids.

    Sort of.

    I’ve been up seven times in the night cleaning up shit and piss and dealing with endless whining and I STILL find these baby creatures adorable. That’s why God makes little helpless things cute, right? So we can wipe up their poo. It’s nature’s greatest trick.

    Peanut in my hand

    Today I take the two puppies,  little Peanut (light brown) and ever so slightly bigger Poppy (dark brown) to the vet to get them checked over but for for last night I put them both in a special cage with water bottle and towels, fresh water and food and closed the door.

    Poppy protecting Peanut in the cage – or maybe just using him as a pillow

    A few minutes later I was back.  I gave in to those hopeless whines and had them by my bed on the floor on some towels. A few minutes later they were in the bed. Then on my shoulder. Poppy crawled up to my neck and slept in the bend under my ear.

    I read somewhere that we have an instinct not to squash little creatures in bed – it’s natures second greatest trick, none of us would be here otherwise – but I kept opening my eyes with sleepy panic for fear I’d flatten Poppy into my left ear. I lay motionless, eyes blinking with a minute creature breathing into my collar bone whilst my hand was semi-clenched, ready to pick up wet poo at a moment’s notice.

    The next day I awoke – or rather, just got out of bed for the final time – and I proved to myself what my friend’s with kids have always told me and which I never believed: that it is possible to stay alive on less than 4 hours sleep in a night and not go insane the next day.

    In fact I still felt affectionate for the little poop making machines: I made a melodramatic movie of Poppy getting some sleep on the sofa. What a soft foster-dad I am. There must be something wrong with me.

    Next stop, the vets.

    Here’s hoping the best for both of them.

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