• Day 50: Poppy continues to sleep in the space between my ear and shoulder.

    Oct 15th

    Poppy my new puppy is missing Peanut (my ex-puppy)

    Poppy whines all night. I have given Poppy a new bed  (the cage felt too big without her brother): a smaller cardboard box with air holes and a hot water bottle covered in blankets, so cosy that frankly I’d like to climb into and be reborn. But it’s not good enough. Poppy still misses Peanut.

    Or maybe she just wants to climb once more into that hole that is formed when I lie on my bed and lean my left ear a little closer to my shoulder. I can only keep her there so long before Ann might get jealous. The other night, as I drifted off into semi-sleep while Poppy was there I got confused and whispered into Poppy’s ear: ‘yes, we can go to Paris for your birthday, choose any hotel you like’.

    Poppy in the puppy-shaped hole under my ear.

    But Ann is taken by Poppy too. She spends stroke-time with her but her first priority must be Moose and Bug who could be feeling a little threatened by this temporary new addition.  Bug, our little black schnauzer, thinks that Poppy is a small ball to be played with.  Moose, our grey schnauzer,  sits and stares psychotically at Poppy from about five feet away. He is  sphynx-like, totally still except for a faintly quivering moustache that reveals tiny flashes of teeth and that belies many centuries of hard-wired predatory aggression.   ‘I WILL EAT YOU MY CHILD’ say his whiskers. Poppy carries on sniffing and wagging. I take her her away from Moose.

    Moose, the sweetest dog in the world until his moustache faintly quivers.

    So I find myself looking after Poppy mostly on my own.

    Ann worries that ‘Poppy’ is a bad name

    ‘It’s morbid. Poppies represent death’ she says, rightly enough.

    ‘She’s had a clean bill of health,’ I say,  ‘in a few months this dog will come back and whip Moose’s butt’

    Moose’s moustache quivers some more.

    I feed Poppy her worming tablets and a few hours later her backside presents me with a slithering, wriggling mess.  Urgggggh. Am I meant to save these creatures too? The cycle of life is too much for me sometimes

    In a few day’s I’m off to Greece to work with a charity called CARE who rescue  abused and abandoned dogs on Corfu and so Billie has kindly agreed to foster Poppy while we find her a new home. Billie is far more capable and knowledgeable and loving of puppies than me. And the dogs in Greece  need a fair amount of my time I suspect.

    Ann is coming too. She’s promised I can work unpredictable hours saving dogs as long as I promise she doesn’t get to see unnecessary suffering. I shall do my best.

    Corfu: I have a vision of paradise!  The beaches, the blue sea, the dogs covered in dust and welts and chained to trees. Here I come!




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    3 Responses to “Day 50: Poppy continues to sleep in the space between my ear and shoulder.”

    1. Hi,
      I have just discovered your blog via a galgo page (can’t remember which one, probably Charl’s)and although it is now 1:59 am I can’t stop reading it. You MUST publish it!! (or somehow youtube it, or get the whole thing on the radio in serial form.) I’m sure the dog-rescuing/dog-loving public would be interested – and then maybe some of the proceeds could go to rescuing more? I am rescuing my first galgos in 2 weeks’ time and wish I could do more. I look forward to reading more tomorrow. Thank you for actually getting off your tucchas and doing so much more than the people who just tut-tut about it!

    2. Thank you Sally!! Much appreciated!! Good luck with your galgos, they are such beautiful dogs, so well natured.

    3. Actually, my neice works for a magazine. I’m going to talk to her!

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