• Day 72: night mission to the dog kennels

    Nov 20th

    ‘Shall I come too?’ said Ann

    ‘I’m not sure it’s a good idea’ I said, as I laid out the essential items I needed for my night mission back to the dog ‘sanctuary’ in the centre of Corfu: a greek phone for an emergency call,  iphone with torch, small video camera, spare socks…(I’m not quite sure why spare socks were relevant but my mother bought me up well. I coudl imagine being apprehended by Albanian guards, tortured and when I would not tell them my name they would turn my socks over and see the label  ‘Martin U – class 8’  )


    ‘Anyway, Ann, this story is meant to be how many animals can one man save in one year’

    ‘But it could be fun’

    ‘We are going to horrible dog kennels where rumour has it there are rats and misery and death’

    ‘But remember when we drove out to see the riots in Hackney last year? That was fun’

    ‘We were 6 hours too late, we kept the doors locked and ended up driving to Ikea’

    ‘It was an adventure’

    ‘We bought a box of spoons’

    ‘We ate Swedish meatballs’

    ‘Yes, those were nice’ I said, drifting off. I remember I had 24 of those little meatballs, what was it, for £6?

    A pang of moral contradiction shot through me. Saving dogs, eating cheap meatballs…hmmm. But this was a pang that I was beginning to recognise all too well although truth be told it was interesting to me. The more I was seeing of animal suffering and the more I was trying to help (however ineffective) the more I was also sensing that things inside me were wanting to come into line. Those parts of me that didn’t fit were saying – ‘let’s form a line and pull in one direction’.

    I packed my bag

    ‘If you really want to you can come’ I said. Secretly, I was pleased that Ann was willing to come. I liked the strength of character. I also liked the idea that someone could keep the getaway vehicle idling on the dust track: a tourist rental scooter, 100cc of rattling metal that would get us out of trouble in no time.

    We got on it and rattled off into the sunset. Within an hour we had arrived at the dog kennels as darkness was falling

    (to be continued tomorrow)



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