• Day 81: What goes around comes around – I am genuinely touched

    Dec 2nd


    Rachel and her foster dog, Eli, whose portrait I took to help her find a new home.

    Woman whose dog I helped crawls through mud for me….

    I sighed when I saw a particular message on my blog a while ago.

    ‘Oh God,’ I said to Ann, ‘do I have to do this?’

    The message asked if I could take a photo of a staffie that was being fostered but that could not find a new home. The problem was that the woman was in Seahaven – deepest East Sussex – about 2 hours away

    ‘You have a manifesto, you have to help’ said Ann whilst making a large cappucino with extra froth.

    ‘Yeh, but this is where my manifesto gets silly. A two hour drive to take a portrait of a dog?’

    Nevertheless I agreed to go that Sunday. We could visit my mum on the way.

    That weekend I met with Rachel and her lovely foster staffy, Eli, a truly gorgeous, loving dog that had spent months being overlooked by adopters. We went for a walk in the park and I got lots of shots including some of her daughter and the dog back at their home.


    I thought nothing much more of it.

    A few weeks later I got an email from Rachel saying that not only had Eli been adopted (its not clear if the photo made the vital difference but I like to think so) but that she was now raising money for my yeartohelp by doing a ‘grim challenge’, some sort of brutal sponsored race that involved her crawling through mud.

    Suddenly the idea of taking a picture of a dog seemed..well..pretty easy.

    ‘You don’t have to crawl through mud for me’ I thought.

    Now Rachel has raised over £100 for this year long projet and I’m deeply touched. So it’s kind of true what they say – what goes around…


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    4 Responses to “Day 81: What goes around comes around – I am genuinely touched”

    1. Great news!

      Eli is a lovely staffie who will hopefully go on to have a long and happy life with her new owners. You can feel proud of making a difference to her life and theirs.

    2. Thanks Shane!!! Any update on your lovely pooch?? Hope you are all doing well. Martin

    3. Elli was an amazing dog and i miss her lots, but shes in a loving home now and has settled well. Thanks you SOOOOOOO much for taking time to come down to take her photos, i now have some photos of me and her which i didnt have before. The Grim Challenge as awesome to do, even planning another one in March next year Im glad i can now repay and thankyou for taking her photos 🙂

    4. thank you Rachel, it’s so wonderful you can support this. Much appreciated!!!Wishing Elli well

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