• Day 85: Angry

    Dec 5th

    My first full day at the ARK dog sanctuary and I’m feeling overwhelmed and upset. WOOF!

    Pull yourself together, Martin. I hope this isn’t a downward slide.

    It’s not the heat, its not india, its not the jet lag, it’s not my stomach speaking a strange dialect of Hindi …. it’s these damn dogs.

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, they are gorgeous.

    Each and every tick-infested one of them: wild, raw, beautiful.


    There are over 100 rescue dogs being cared for here, strays, injured pets, abandonments, some recovering well and on their way home, others too damaged to ever be released again, but all well-loved here at ARK under Avis Lyon’s comp

    No… what pisses me off is that these dogs greet me with so much love.

    Despite the rough time that some of them have had– whether they’ve been stoned, dumped by the road,  had burning fat thrown at them, left with gaping maggot-infested wounds, inbred or run-over – they STILL want to trust and make a connection.

    Why do dogs love us so much?


    Dear dogs: do not respect me. I am NOT your master. I am a human. Re-learn the script. Look at the state you are in, look at what we have done. Please, please stop loving us so much.


    a ‘pet’ that came in with a fist-sized maggot infested wound

    And now…recovering..slowly

    A dog recovering from burn wounds from where hot oil was poured on it.

    A dog that with a maggot infested butt that could no longer stand. He still wagged his tail…


    In the last few years ‘breed dogs’ have become all the rage (i.e. pedigrees), leading to horrible deformities from excessive in-breeding.


    taking a welcome rest on the cool steps…

    A little reminder on the wall of the ARK centre


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    6 Responses to “Day 85: Angry”

    1. Love the quote at the end of your post. May I borrow it for my blog?
      P.S. Keep up the good work!

    2. Angry.

      Who with?

      Seeing those pics and reading your words, the emotions don’t seem to match. Humbled, astonished, saddened…. yes – but who is the anger directed at? Can’t be the dogs.

      So I’m guessing it’s us humans? But actually there’s no reason to think Indian humans are worse than British humans. We have a culture over here that respects dogs much more… but conversely you can imagine an Indian would feel just the same as you if he stood in a cattle shed on a British farm.

      So perhaps it’s a cultural thing.

      Dogs in my opinion are more intelligent and loveable than cows and as such should be engaged with on a different level – but then that touches on a fundamental question as to what makes some animals more deserving of our respect or help or love, than others …. ?

      I had to ask the question because I’m wondering about where the blame should be placed, for all the suffering these dogs go through. Government? Culture? History? Ironic that this used to be a British colony – how can their attitude towards dogs be so different? Perhaps it’s the poverty – in which case perhaps some of the blame comes back to us, over in the West.

    3. Wow! And you thought Corfu was bad!
      Is this what you expected? Perhaps you didn’t see World Wide Vet >! 😉
      I take my hat off to you…. every one of them makes a difference.
      You are doing what many of us would like to do. Good luck.

      Perhaps Mike O’Leary is right. Any publicity is good publicity. I hope your heart survives intact….

    4. Yeh, this is much worse than Corfu…A lot of people tell me they woudl like to do this – well they must be stronger than me! I woudn’t use the word ‘like’, its more that I feel compelled to do it but it really isn’t that fun…thanks for reading

    5. Hi Martin,

      Your photo’s are amazing, I think I spot Tony lying on the steps to the puppy house (?)I have been where you are now. It is hard, and you are brave. Your blog, what I have read so far, is inspiring, touchy, funny and has real soul. Don’t give up.


    6. Thank you sam, that is very kind. Did we meet? What work did you do with the ARK? best, Martin

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