• Day 86: video update. Great Dave needs your help

    Dec 8th

    ‘Great Dave’ has a small problem

    This dog has no name but I call him Great Dave. He’s meant to be a Great Dane but he just didn’t quite make it to Crufts standards.  Watch the video and see why. He happens to be one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met – desperately friendly –  but he needs your help




    Shit….how can I help????

    If anyone out there wonders how they can help…you can! Please donate even £1 to http://animalrescuekerala.org/

    And if you don’t want to then imagine me in the street shaking a can in your face with my perfect smile.  And then physically holding you down until you donate. And then kissing you all over when you have.

    Great Dave will need a lifetime of food, pain relief and care – which the ARK is willing to give and which I think HE BLOODY WELL DESERVES.

    This dog was over-bred and close to death and totally unable to walk when it was bought in because of a massive maggot wound on its back leg (from lack of care). Avis has given it the chance for a new life, and now it can walk and belive it or not he’s wagging his tale every morning I see him.

    With more money he’ll have a proper life. Please help him.

    Click here and hit donate.



    And if you don’t believe he wags his tail …


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    4 Responses to “Day 86: video update. Great Dave needs your help”

    1. That is just too tragic for words Martin, but just shows the spirit of these creatures. Are you still in contact with Joanne Good. She’s now taken over Danny Baker’s afternoon slot, but still does ‘Barking at the Moon’ so will reach a bigger audience.

    2. Yes, still in touch. I should get back in touch soon. Good for her!!

    3. Hello Martin
      I am loving your blog, you have made me laugh and made me cry- a really enjoyable read- and your photos are fabulous, looking forward to seeing more (I love some of the photos you have taken of Mum with her dogs, is there any chance you could email me some copies?). I can tell that Kerala has really moved you, and has really upset you. I hope that the experience is one you remember for the right reasons.

      I just wanted to clarify about the interbreeding problem with the pedigrees. Dogs seem to come in and out of fashion in Kerala, but sadly pedigree dogs just don’t have the resistance to the many tropical diseases found in Kerala (unlike the average Indian street dog).
      When a breed becomes popular everyone tries to jump on the bandwaggon. A few are imported and from this small gene pool litters are bred and cross-bred, mothers and offspring are mated, brothers and sisters from a litter, then brothers and sisters from that litter, hence a few litters down the line the whole litter can be born blind or deformed – dogs like poor Dave.

      I am looking forward to your future updates
      Odette xx

    4. thanks for the clarification Odette. ANd glad you enjoy reading the blog. That means a lot. Stay in touch!

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