• Day 89: Dear Family, merry xmas from sunny miserable India

    Dec 11th


    Dear Family

    India is baking hot, my stomach is fine, but the situation with the dogs is pretty miserable.

    For this Christmas, in keeping with the spirit of my Year To Help, I’ve decided to forgo ALL Christmas pressies – no need to buy me that Mercedes, Nic.

    Instead can you please make a little donation either to my blog or to this crazy but unbelievable brilliant charity I’m working with out here called the ARK.


    And here is the bad news:

    I’m going to buy all YOUR Christmas pressies from animal charity shops.

    I don’t even know where one is. This means the selection will be slender and almost certainly crap. Nic, I know you’ve been wanting to read that old Len Deighton thriller. Pa, you’ll look good in a second-hand nylon dress and Ma, you’ll finally get the plastic colander you’ve always wanted.

    It’s for a good cause and I know you are happy to be involved.

    See you soon


    P.S. Nic, please warn the boys that their pressies may break.

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    4 Responses to “Day 89: Dear Family, merry xmas from sunny miserable India”

    1. Made a donation – not much, but here’s hoping that your work, Martin, will turn lots of people’s “not muches” into “quite a lot”. x

    2. thank you Nicky you are a star!!! That money WILL help, you have made a real difference. I know you hear that crap said on charity sites all the time but I’ve seen this misery and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Well done you!

    3. Donated £100 I thought it might go far over there?

      I also like your Xmas card design. I think you could sell it. I’d buy it! x

    4. Hey pen, thanks soooooooo much for your kind donation!!! THat’s incredible of you and thank you so much for reading all this. Yes, I know you have a big heart for animals. Actuallyt he dogs that were put down were given two injections – one to make it sedated and the other into the heart. So sad. Thanks for being in touch and hope to see you soon! I’m making a calendar for the Ark and will have to try and sell some out here x

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