Dec 14th

    Cordelia, the very scared cow-type dog


    It’s not exactly a Gone with the Wind romance but we have a gentle relationship that provides welcome relief from the cruelty out here.

    ‘Cordelia’ – which I am aware is an inapprorpriately Shakespearean name for a small dog that looks a little like a cow – is the name that just came to me and which I tried to replace by something more appropriate like Buster or Flossy or even Mildrid but they would not stick.

    A name, like my stomach at the moment, has a life of its own.

    Cordelia, who is still a pup, was viciously attacked by a larger dog and was bought in here.  She is also semi blind. Life just aint fair. And she won’t let me or anyone get close. The puppies in her pen attack her when she tries to get food and her retreating squeal and blind run into the wall guaranteed her my affections.

    Cordelia venturing closer to me, still distant, but closer.

    I have given her a separate space, her own food bowl and spent time just hanging out. I sit down as if I’m totally uninterested in her funny cow skin and she gradually comes closer to me.

    when cordelia gets less scared and her sight improves she plans to sail the seas in her new boat.

    Today she came within one foot of me – which is a big step forward for a small blind dog. She also posed in the Rembrandt-esque light, which is a kind thing to do for a photographer.



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    10 Responses to “Day 91: CORDELIA THE COW-DOG”

    1. Bring her home! I will help you rehabilitate her.
      Wonderful light indeed.
      Sorry about your stomach…

    2. Bring her home! I will help you rehabilitate her.
      Wonderful light indeed.
      Sorry about your stomach…

    3. Halo Martin,
      what a sweet little pup. I wish she was over here in the UK and was being rehomed to some calm, patient, loving people. I would love to have her (as soon as our place will be suitable for a dog). I wish her the best, hope there is a chance for her for a new home? And btw beautiful photographs as always.

    4. thank you. Actually it is now easier than ever to bring a dog back to the UK thanks to changes in the quarantine rules. So if any of you are thinking….

    5. I sure hope Cordelia ends up in a loving forever home as she surely deserves one, bless her heart. Thank you for looking out for this precious girl.

    6. what is causing her poor sight? what a wee cracker she is, can’t you bring her home with you?

    7. I probably could (it would take a few months to organise though) but if I take her then I have to take dawn as well! We struggle with two dogs at home as it is and Ann would kill me. Not sure what her poor sight is caused by however..

    8. Are there any updates for Cordelia, was she safely in the hands of rescuers at a shelter when you had to leave? The picture of Cordelia in her boat is haunting… if she is still there maybe we could raise some funds in order to find her a loving home in the UK?

    9. Maria

      I’m so glad you asked about that, Cordelia has very much stayed in my heart and will write to them at the Ark now. There have been some upheavals but I believe the dogs are OK.

      I’ll try and post an update


    10. Thank you Martin, because of your photographs and story Cordelia is in my heart now too, the boat picture… I look forward to an update.

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