• DAY 41: Helping to rehome my first dog – Rupert is saved!!!

    Sep 26th

    Wow, I love this little charity, All Dogs Matter.

    Billie has taken me under her wing and has given me the chance to go get one of the Staffies that is on ‘death row’ and was about to be put down and instead drive him up to a shelter just outside London where he’ll stay until they find him a new home. I’ll take his picture and the portrait will go on ADM’s website and he’ll likely find a new place to live in a matter of weeks.

    1….2…3…. SMILE!!!

    Smile!…I’m looking for a new home

    Rupert gets a new home

    It’s not like I’m doing much by doing this but, still, it feels lovely to help out in a small way. Here’s him looking out the back of my car on the M1 on the way to his new life.

    Rupert watching the M1 pass underneath him as he heads to a new home…and a life.

    This picture makes me smile. I’m known as a photographer for my ‘dogs in cars’ pictures – taking pictures of dogs looking forlornly out of the car, but here I am INSIDE the car looking out. I feel like I’m getting a little closer to my subjects this way.

    This dog’s name is Rupert (well, it is now) and he was found in a park in N7. No-one knows his history except that chances are it was a poor one. Needless to say he’s ridiculously friendly and happy to meet me. I wonder if I am I suddenly a dog charmer or maybe a very sexy dog has ecretly pissed on me

    ‘He’s just another typical staffie’ says Billie. ‘They’re all friendly like that’.


    Dogs found in parks

    Other dogs found in parks aren’t always so lucky.

    Billy recounts that:

    ‘one English Mastiff was found wandering around the park with part of a knife blade sticking out of his neck. It was a long recovery and now he’s living out his days in rescue centre. He won’t find a new home. One dog had been set fire too, one had a lopsided jaw from when it was kicked in face as puppy and …’

    She went on with more but I think you get the point.

    God, am I glad that this dog has a chance. Go Rupert, Go!

    To see more of the dogs that are needing homes go to ADM’s page here.


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