Dec 4th
    Oliver and Gitte with Mango at her new home

    Oliver and Gitte with Mango at her new home – a wonderful couple to care for Mango.

    …sorry it’s me again. A little update.

    A wedding in the US… a honeymoon in Mexico (where I found a baby turtle stuck upside down in the sand and helped it to the sea whilst being drunk on Pina Colada) …and then a hard, cold bump back to England: my year of helping animals already seems a long way off.

    I have, inevitably, retreated somewhat into comfort: hot showers, coffee and reading books that are about anything other than animals.

    But a few days ago Mango finally arrived to remind me of what it was all about.

    Mango arrived looking extremely distressed

    Mango arrived looking extremely distressed

    It was hard to comfort her at all..

    It was hard to comfort her at all..

    After a grueling 26 hour journey from Manila she appeared at Heathrow shrunken and scared and still wearing a sun-starched, filippino collar and a hang dog look on her face that provoked a deep feeling of guilt. I had put her through this ordeal. I could touch her but only just. What was I expecting? That she woudl come bounding up to me waving a union jack and crying ‘daddy’?

    She had grown up – what must she be now, 11 months? – but she still had the same dark eyes and gentle expression that I found in the corner of that street where I first met her.


    Mango meets Stanley - a much bigger version of the dogs she is used to...

    Mango meets Stanley – a much bigger version of the dogs she is used to…

    The point, I reminded myself as I struggled to make a physical connection with her, picking her up awkwardly onto my lap, was that she might by now not be alive. Not that there was much meat on her bones anyway…she would hardly make a meal like this.

    As you probably know it has always been an understanding on this year that I would not bring any animals back to our home. We have two dogs already and although I had harboured hopes that Mango would be a third I find it hard enough to control a coffee in my hand when Bug and Moose are pulling at the other let alone a rescue dog.

    For a number of weeks I have been in touch with AllDogsMatter and we have found a wonderful new home for Mango just outside London, with large, beautiful grounds and another very gentle dog. Oliver and Gitte are deeply committed to animal rescue charities and Oliver works at home meaning they can give Mango the quality care she needs – it really could not be better. I’m deeply grateful to Ira and Peter at AllDogsMatter for helping on this.

    Mango is now much more relaxed in her new home thanks to Oliver and Gite

    Mango is now much more relaxed in her new home thanks to Oliver and Gitte and the amazing care they are giving.

    Mango out on a walk with Stanley.

    Mango out on a walk with Stanley.


    ..and finding a good snuggle in Oliver's lap...

    ..and finding a good snuggle in Oliver’s lap… (ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OLIVER AND GITTE)

    And so, from Manila out onto the M25 on a cold winter’s evening.

    I took Mango straight to her new home, glad that I hadn’t been able to foster her. She was in no state to be accosted by Moose and Bug only to be moved again a few days later.

    Oliver and Gitte have had mango for a few days now and they are perfect with her. They have given her patience, kindness and great chew treats and Mango seems farm more settled and confident. Oliver updates me regularly with photos and news and I will hopefully visit very soon to give you an update. I’m really very happy Mango has found two such wonderful people.

    To all those of you who supported her on this journey I am deeply grateful.

    I will keep you posted.

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    4 Responses to “MANGO UPDATE”

    1. Thanks for the update about Mango, I am SO glad about her!!!
      On top of all animals lives you saved and your great endeavors to raise awareness about animals issues, you also achieved this great goal of saving Mango’s life, and offering to her a wonderful quality life with a family that can give her shelter, food and love.
      I admire you so much Martin, you are a great man 🙂 I am sure your wife and friends/relatives are very proud of you. Your year of help meant so much.

    2. Mango is growing into the most beautiful girl! So glad she has such a great home to learn what it is to be loved, safe, and warm.

    3. So glad to hear that Mango has found her forever home in the UK. Well done and a big hug to her new family.

    4. What a wonderful update, Martin! I’m so happy to hear that Mango has found a forever home with such lovely people. I’m sure that, after a few weeks, she will feel even happier and more relaxed with her new family. What a darling she is and it’s all because of you that she is still alive. You ARE amazing!!! Thanks for making a difference and I look forward to more updates. Cheers. xo

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