Dec 31st


    A look back over 2012…or not.

    Happy New Year’s everyone. I’m back in the cold of London and lying in bed dying of some sort of virus but please have a drink tonight for me. Enjoy yourselves.

    I was going to write a summary of all the animals that I saved/helped/stroked  in 2012 but

    a) I’m too bloody sick so will do it next year (in a few days)

    b) you’re probably wasted already

    c) a large proportion of the animals are snails.

    Here’s a little video of me in my bed – its not as sexy as it sounds ladies. My message was sort of inspired by the Queen’s annual christmas speech so forgive me if it is crap.

    See you in 2013 animal friends.




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    7 Responses to “NEW YEAR MESSAGE…sort of…”

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Martin! Writing this on the laptop on my stomach lying in bed so “virtually” eye to eye! I hope with 2 hot-water dogs to look after you it won’t be long before you’re feeling better (and how lovely to see Moose and Bug again – the only down-side of this blog is that Moose has lost his amanuensis for his!!).

      I look forward to hearing more on your journey next year and let me know when I can order the book!!

    2. Happy New Year Martin! hope you are feeling better soon. Thank you for your amazing posts especially the ones from the ARK it inspired me to make a donation to the ARK and will hopefully visit this year in June when I travel to Kerala.
      Cheers Sarah.

    3. Thank you Sarah, that is incredibly generous of you and it’s very lovely to hear. Have a wonderful 2013. Let me know if you want any more information about them, best. M

    4. awesome speech Marts – you pooped all over the Queen’s annual bore-fest.

      Get well and hasta pronto x

    5. Happy New Year to you! I hope you feel better soon. Cute doggies! I enjoyed your video message and I look forward to following along throughout 2013. All the best ~


      Would be lovely to see you when you’re back again xx

    7. I cried tears of laughter when you did the “Queen’s speech” 🙂 Also love the intimate share of your bedroom space with doggies including the ironing board as camera-hold.
      Please make this book happen soon! I will order definitely!
      (Must replay the video now as I need to laugh again at you doing the Queen!)

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