• Day 83: Crow rescue leads me up my friend’s chimney

    Dec 03 2012

    A crow has to be rescued from deep inside my friends dirty chimney  (as it were)

    Just before I head out to India I call my oldest, dearest friend, Harry to tell him I’m leaving.

    ‘Hang on, Mart, I can’t really speak now’ he says, groaning slightly, ‘ I’m in the middle of something’.

    ‘What’s up?’ Is he on the loo?

    ‘Er…. I’m just trying to pull a crow out from a chimney’

    I’m assuming that’s not a euphemism. ‘Really?’ I say.

    ‘It’s been stuck up my neighbours chimney for days’

    ‘Harry! That’s EXACTLY why you can speak to me! I’m spending a year helping animals! I’ll come down right now and save it from your chimney’. I’m really  hoping its not a  euphemism or else I’m taking my friendship to a new level

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