Mar 04 2013


    A quick update as to how these two dogs were caught…amazing stuff

    I have a bit more info from an English lady out in Seville called Linda who is currently looking after the rescue dogs. She is good friends with Olga and the gang.

    “I have a very good friend and dog lover, Miguel, who is the man you call when you are desperate to catch a dog. He arrived in Arahal at a quarter to five and by seven he was calling me to tell me that he had both dogs in his van”

    Miguel after rescuing the dog

    Miguel after rescuing the dog

    Apparently, the galga was caught first and only later the podenco (called Martin!).

    When Martin the podenco, who had not seen the rescue of the galga, could no longer see his mate he started howling repeatedly for her. For over an hour he desperately searched for the galga until he fell into the trap of food and rope. Now that he is in safety he seems more concerned about being with his friend than having his wounds attended to.

    Throughout the worst of times dogs keep their bonds. We could learn a thing.

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