• My new book about Spanish Hunting Dogs

    Jul 24 2015

    I’m still busy writing up this blog as a book but had to take some time out to earn some proper money and complete some outstanding projects – one of which is a longstanding photo project documenting Spanish hunting dogs (galgos and podencos). If you remember I encountered these beautiful dogs and their harrowing story early on in my year to help and could not help but photograph them. The result is a new book which hopefully will help raise awareness.

    The photos are intended to be beautiful but not deny the ugliness of these dogs situation. It’s too easy to take sweet pictures, its too obvious to take grim pictures. I hope this treads a path between.

    The project has already been seen in the International NY Times, Sunday Times, BBC and many magazines around the world and has been on show in Paris and New York.

    Hardback, 112pp, 300 x 260mm - it's a large coffee table book

    Hardback, 112pp, 300 x 260mm – it’s a large coffee table book, Kehrer Verlag publishers

    If you would like a signed copy of the book – 10% of┬áthe money raised so far from sales goes to the charities where the dogs were photographed then please buy here


    The book shows both the rescued dogs but also the landscapes in which they are typically abandoned.

    Some examples of spreads.

    GalgoSpreads2 GalgoSpreads3 GalgoSpreads4 GalgoSpreads5 GalgoSpreads6


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