Jun 13 2013


    It’s been quite a while since I ran the campaign to find Britain’s Cutest Staffy with the wonderful All Dogs Matter charity. Finally… I have some images of the winner, Jess, a gorgeous black staffie that visited the studio recently.

    It so happens that Jess is a rescue staffie.

    Her story is typical of so many like her. Kate, her owner, describes it in her own words:

    “Jess was on death row, 24 hours away from being put to sleep before she was rescued by the charity. We lost our previous Staffie after 13 years so was looking to adopt when Jess came along. After having her for 48 hours she was rushed to the vets and underwent an emergency operation for Pyometra. The vets removed 2 kilo of womb and infection from her and said it was the worst case they’d seen. She is now the Mascot for Room for One More Staffie Rescue, and we would not be without her.”


    Kate and partner with Jess – one very happy dog.


    4Y1A7838 4Y1A7869


    Looking back on that campaign I realise it was a bit of a shambles. My fault entirely.

    I had no idea what I was doing and consequently raised almost no money for the wonderful All Dogs Matter charity and I never even got the number of the winner of the puppy section (whose dog is no probably big enough to pull a truck). I  wonder too if I have changed anyone’s minds about these beautiful dogs. Except my own. Which is something. Through meeting many of them I’ve come to know them as gentle, warm creatures. I really hope more people realise that too.


    4Y1A7399 4Y1A7450 4Y1A7442 4Y1A7526

    4Y1A7512 4Y1A75104Y1A7643 4Y1A7674


    Jess is right there at the top in number 1 position!


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    Nov 30 2012

    An online competition to try and show Britain that these dogs are more loveable than their reputation would have you believe.

    Could I set up an online photo competition to gives these dogs a bit of a PR makeover?

    It was time to leave Greece.

    Although I’d seen a lot of dogs in distress and helped with the day to day running of the wonderful CARE sanctuary (including carrying a fair amount of raw shit into a hole in the ground) it was fair to say I hadn’t saved any animals.


    But something very important had happened.

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