• DAY 150: THE RISE AND (almost) FALL OF THE GALGO – the story of the Spanish hunting dog

    Feb 10 2013
    Ebro - Charlotte's dog that I I photographed today against a white sheet I knicked from the hotel

    This is Ambo – Charlotte’s own rescued Gaglo that I photographed today in the sun against a white sheet I knicked from the hotel. More pics below.


    Charlotte (of www.112carlotagalgos.com, Galgo Rescue) leant across to me today and –  in a rare moment of calm between feeding the kids, cleaning the house, tending to Ebro, , worrying about the fundraising auction tomorrow and trying to fix the computer the cat has pissed on-  told me that running a dog sanctuary can be a dangerous game.

    ‘It can break up marriages.  Having to deal with so many injured dogs takes over your life. The suffering, the hours, the lack of money, it can lead  to depression and breakdowns. I’ve heard many stories about relationships collapsing because of the pressure…. ‘

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