• Day 81: What goes around comes around – I am genuinely touched

    Dec 02 2012


    Rachel and her foster dog, Eli, whose portrait I took to help her find a new home.

    Woman whose dog I helped crawls through mud for me….

    I sighed when I saw a particular message on my blog a while ago.

    ‘Oh God,’ I said to Ann, ‘do I have to do this?’

    The message asked if I could take a photo of a staffie that was being fostered but that could not find a new home.┬áThe problem was that the woman was in Seahaven – deepest East Sussex – about 2 hours away

    ‘You have a manifesto, you have to help’ said Ann whilst making a large cappucino with extra froth.

    ‘Yeh, but this is where my manifesto gets silly. A two hour drive to take a portrait of a dog?’

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