• UPDATE ON THE ARK IN INDIA – surprising news.

    Dec 18th


    Avis Lyons, the inspirational founder of Animal Rescue Kerala, has decided to shut down her charity in India.

    This is hard to hear.

    A combination of her weakening health and the inept, inert local government that refuses to cooperate with her animal birth control programme means she can no longer do viable work.

    After  12 years of effort, she is left with a sanctuary full of rescued animals that she refuses to abandon but which she cannot sustain. She desperately needs our help to rehome the dogs she has under her care.


    Please click here to see the animals in need of adoption

    Please write to tails@worldlywags.org if you think you might be able to help adopt a dog

    Please click here to donate money which I can pass on directly to her (mark as ‘FOR ARK’)


    Blog5_Keraladogs_8If there is one person over the last year that represents the fierce, mad, compassionate energy needed to work in the face of so much suffering it is Avis. Ageing, weakened by a fight with cancer, often alone in a country that was fairly alien to her,  she was driven by a selfless desire to help the misery suffered by so many dogs and other animals on the streets of India.


    Avis wasn’t perfect. She took on too much, she could be impulsive and sometimes impatient – but she had, she still has, the most vibrant and precious spirit. I spent much of my year trying to understand what compassion really meant. Avis, I think, explained it to me. She leapt into the unknown, following her heart where her head must have warned her not to go and responded immediately and dearly to any being that needed it.

    Doing so comes with risk. Things don’t always work out. And so she finds herself in a painful position.


    I had a conversation with Avis some time ago where she intimated, with some sadness, that she had not succeeded in her goals. She felt her ABC (animal birth control) programme was not going well, that too many dogs continued to suffer, that she was overwhelmed by legal and cultural resistance.

    What was she talking about?

    To struggle to do what is right, to fight against overwhelming cultures of cruelty and to respond to every creature with  compassion…what more can one do?

    It was almost a year ago to the very day I found myself in India. It was in the middle of the night and I watched Avis rescue a tiny puppy that was abandoned by its mother, turning circles by the side of the road as traffic passed within inches.

    Avis scooped it up and gave it a chance.

    Please now give Avis some help.





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    3 Responses to “UPDATE ON THE ARK IN INDIA – surprising news.”

    1. This is sad news for the animals but it sounds like Avis needs to do this for the sake of her own well-being. How difficult a decision it must have been for her. I hope all goes well for Avis and for the animals at ARK.

    2. Hello Martin
      We too have been in contact with Avis and she shared this sad news with us. We are going to Kovalam in January and will still be visiting ARK while we are out there as agreed with Avis. Our dog training club has managed to raise some money throughout this year which we will be taking with us, and hopefully it will help with the care / transportation etc of the remaining animals at ARK.
      If there is anything you wish taking out to ARK please let us know.
      Lynda & Will

    3. Such sad news… but thank you for the update and for raising awareness of the plight of Avis and the animals at The Ark. I will contact the support group and see if Cordelia’s song can be used to help them in any way, hopefully to help raise some funds.

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