• VALENTINES SPECIAL – GALGO PRINTS FOR SALE: Buy photography, save dogs’ lives.

    Feb 14th
    Give some love, buy a print, help a dog in need

    Give some love, buy a print, help a dog in need

    Love dogs, not just each other!!!

    OK, my lovers.

    The Romeo and Juliet fantasy of romantic love is not the only type that counts: after all, it ended in young death, involves prickly roses and you might just fall off a balcony.

    Instead, why not love ALL things: nature, wildlife….dogs.

    Or…love a Galgo.



    If you want to read more about the terrible plight of these beautiful dogs please click here. They need YOUR help.

    Buy any one of the below prints and the money goes straight to saving Galgos (Spanish Greyhound hunting dogs).


    I’m releasing these prints for a sum that will probably upset my gallery but that’s because its not about money but saving lives: all of the money raised will go to saving hunting dogs in Spain. (I will pay for all printing myself)

    Each image comes in three sizes defined by the length of its longest side and will be shipped in a protective tube to your door ready for framing.

    Longest edge: 12 inches – £35 (55USD) + PP

    Longest edge: 16 inches – £70 (110USD) + PP

    Long edge 24 inches – £95  (150USD)+ PP

    Larger size POA (these are incredibly high quality files so can be printed VERY big)

    All images printed on archival inkjet paper, gallery-quality.


    Click donate, add up your costs and then add £8 for PP in UK , £15 EU or £20 rest of word. If you are ordering a 24″ print you’ll need to add another £15 for postage am afraid as it has to be sent in an extra sized tube. Then send you paypal donation mentioning in capitals the name of the print (s) (captions are below each image) and their size and then your FULL address.

    Then please double check the order and remember to add postage!!



    Alternatively you can order ANY print of a picture you have seen on this blog but email me first to enquire on martin@yeartohelp.com (or go to ‘contact’ link at top)


    Ambo: profile

    Ambo: profile

    Full profile

    Look at me

    The long walk

    the long walk home


    Ambo: proud



    Ambo: long neck

    Ambo: thoughtful

    Leader of the Pack

    Leader of the Pack

    Daddy Long Legs

    Daddy Long Legs

    Sunny Galgos

    Sunny Galgos

    Handsome Podenco

    Handsome Podenco

    A heart for Prince

    A heart for Prince


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    14 Responses to “VALENTINES SPECIAL – GALGO PRINTS FOR SALE: Buy photography, save dogs’ lives.”

    1. Order sent for the print of beautiful Prince (as another way of helping him). Love this idea as I get one of your fab photos, help Prince, AND help my husband who hasn’t done anything for Valentines Day!!!! Wish I could afford one of the bigger prints but in the middle of building a house at the moment so a bit strapped for ready cash.

    2. Hi Martin

      I was so pleased to meet you at 112 Carlota Galgos last week.
      Your pictures came out just amazing.

      Love several of them…


    3. thank you!!! SO inspiring to meet you too! I have a lot to learn from you. Stay strong xx

    4. what beutiful prints cant afford to get one just yet

    5. Hello! Beautiful prints! Can shipping to Québec, CANADA, be arranged and how much (approximately)?

    6. Yes, shipping can be arranged. Add £15 for anywhere beyond Europe! (or pay in whatever is a reasonable exchange rate for you!). thanks so much!, Martin

    7. So hard to decide, beautiful images of beautiful hounds, I’d love them all but the wallet won’t run to that, its going to take a while to decide on which ones to order.

      In the meantime, thank you for doing this for the galgos, they really need all the help they can get. Until the Spanish Government gets a grip on their welfare laws and enforces them sadly the galgos only hope is people like yourself and the wonderful Charlotte and other small rescues like her’s.

    8. Annette, thank you for your kind words and the support you show. It would be lovely to send you out an image so hope you can choose one soon!


    9. these are beautiful! i would like to order, however you didn’t include US dollars on these. I would like ‘the long walk’ and ‘daddy long legs’ in 12″ prints, thank you!

    10. hi amy

      thanks for the blog comment and your interest in the dogs. We need all the help we can get.

      To work out how much they would be in dollars just multiply by 1.5

      The cost for both prints in 12″ would be 2 x 52.5USD = 105USD. Then please add $20 postage and shipping. 105USD would then go straight to the dogs.

      Hope that is OK.

      thank you!!


    11. I would like to buy one of each — do all the proceeds go to Char?


    12. yes, you will see on the blog about this that all the money except for post and packaging go to Charl. I pay for all the printing myself. thanks!

    13. Are these able to be sent to Australia?

    14. Yes of course. Please just make a donation with a comment as to which prints you want and then add £25 for postage to Australia or if its 16″ and above then £35. Printing is paid for by myself but I can’t afford to pay for shipping too. Thanks!

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